The streets are paved with diamonds and there’s just so much to see. But the best thing about New York City is you and me.

So, I had an interesting day on Friday. On the way to work, I decided to read AM NY (a free daily newspaper) instead of the book I had been reading. This is kind of  rare – I usually only read it if I’m in between books.  Anyway, so this was my horoscope:

"Enjoy mad romance; you're drawn to love like a magnet. Weave glamour into your latest project. You get more than you give. Your cards are all hearts and diamonds."

I didn’t take much stock in it, because – um, it’s a horoscope. So I went about my day at work. Since it was Friday, and kind of a slower week, I got to leave a little early. Typically on Friday nights, we watch all of our Thursday night NBC TV shows, because we’re both too busy during the week, and that’s what we had planned on doing that night. Like any day, I texted Andy to see what he wanted for dinner and if I should pick up any groceries on the way home. He said to get an onion, noodles, and wine (which are all ingredients for spaghetti carbonara, which is something we make a lot). Then he called me a few minutes later and said to call him when I was leaving the grocery store (meaning, about 10 minutes away from our apartment.) That’s when I started to wonder if something was up.

When I was at the grocery store finishing up checking out, he called me again, sounding really out of breath and saying that he forgot we also needed bacon, and that he was on his way home. (Again, kind of weird, since I had thought he was already at home…) I asked if I still needed to call him when I was leaving the store, and he said no.

So I went back into the store and found the bacon, then headed home.

I walked inside the apartment, and it was really quiet. I set the groceries down in the kitchen, and went into the living room and started taking off my coat, when I saw this on our coffee table:

On our coffee table - 30 ring boxes with googly eyes glued to them, and lots of pictures of Andy, Tinker and I from the last four years.

While I was taking in that sight, Andy walked out of the bedroom holding another googly-eyed ring box, then got down on one knee, and opened the ring box, and asked me to marry him!!!

Googly-eyed proposal!

Of course, my jaw dropped in shock, but I managed to say yes, and there was a lot of hugging and kissing involved.

Over the next hour, he told me about how/when he got the ring (in Muncie over Christmas, at a jeweler his friend had used for his wife’s ring), and he told me about how he had talked to my parents about it already (my mom over the phone, and my dad over bourbon at Christmas while my sister and I were drinking beer in the hot tub). We called our families and a few friends, and of course everyone was thrilled. When I was on my way home from work, he had been at CVS getting the pictures printed and was trying to get everything together to surprise me.

Since our coffee table is also our dining room table, and I didn’t want to remove the pictures/ring boxes yet (still don’t…and haven’t), we decided to go out to eat at Ornella Trattoria, our favorite Italian restaurant in Astoria. We’re regulars there, and the owner gave us free champagne to celebrate. We went back home and finally watched our TV shows together.

On Saturday, he had to spend the day editing a video for a UCB show that was at 6. So I was content calling more family members and going to get a manicure. I had seen a special “engagement” manicure on Pinterest and was excited to get one. The ring finger is a painted a sparkly silver, and the rest of my nails are the normal purple I’ve been getting all season. Andy kind of hates it, but he’s already agreed to marry me, so whatever. 🙂

The bling finger as silver sparkly nail polish!

Last night we went to the show that Andy had been editing the video for (which was cool, and involved puppets – I’ll post it when it’s online), and then we hung out with Kris and Erin and had another board game night. When we got home around 2 am, we decided it was finally time to make it official on Facebook (which is a pretty important part of any serious life milestone), so we did.

In case anyone was wondering about the googly eyes – yes, there is a bit of a story behind it. When we were in college and just friends, our friend Kerry DJed at a local bar on Tuesday nights after our night class. We had these dance parties every week, and they’re one of my favorite memories from college. At one of the earlier parties, Kerry told Andy that he danced like a Muppet (not knowing how he…. and I… felt about muppets). The next week, Andy showed up at the dance party with a bag of huge plastic googly eyes, and out them on his forehead and danced like …. a Muppet. We all had fun playing with the googly eyes. That night was the first time that I started to see him as more than friend potential, because I thought the lengths he would got to just make his friends laugh were really cute. And, duh, he obviously loves Muppets. Definitely a keeper.

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3 Responses to The streets are paved with diamonds and there’s just so much to see. But the best thing about New York City is you and me.

  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks for posting the story! I am about to go all “Mean Girls” but there’s been a lot of people getting engaged lately that I don’t think deserve happiness (cruel, but true haha), so it’s really refreshing and exciting that someone I know is engaged that deserves all the love and happiness in the world!!

  2. Seashell says:

    Congratulations Kristin and Andy! I’m so happy for you both. Great way to propose. He really made it special.

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