Wrapping up a few loose ends from the last few months…

Despite how busy I’ve been lately, I have finally completed a few of the tasks on my unemployment to-do list (but to be fair, some of these things were expensive and had to wait until I was employed).

1. That scarf I’ve been working on since August…2010. So, right before I moved to NYC, my good friend Karen came over to my apartment in Indiana, and we had a sewing day. Our friendship is pretty much founded on our love of sewing/crafts. Speaking of which, Karen just started an alterations/tailoring/custom garment business! Check it out – she’s talented! We both worked in the theatre costume shop throughout college, and we loved getting together and spending the day watching Gone With the Wind while working on various sewing/knitting projects. Anyway, when she came to visit before I moved, she gave me a beautiful skein of hand-painted purplish brownish yarn.  I wanted to do something special with it, but my knitting skills are fairly limited. (I can knit and purl, but I’m not very fast, and I get bored with it if I have to count stitches).

So I started a scarf. And I’d do about three rows while watching TV, and then get bored with it. That’s why it took me over a year to finish it. But Karen and her new husband (Congrats! I’m still sad that I had to miss the wedding!) are visiting us here in November, and I decided I needed to finish the scarf before they get here. So I made it a shorter scarf, and sewed the ends together, and then added a few thinner strands.

Here’s the finished product (with two wearing options- long and drapey or looped and warm!):

2. My apartment re-organization project. After months of planning, drawing floor plans, drooling over the IKEA website, and one recon trip, we finally went to IKEA and bought furniture today! We bought a new wardrobe for the bedroom, and two tall DVD shelves. The wardrobe will help tremendously with the clothing situation in our room. We just have one tiny closet and one medium-sized dresser, and it’s nowhere near enough space for two adults to store their clothes (especially when one of the adults buys enough clothes to be $85 away from reaching Gap silver level…). This purchase is sort of monumental for us, because with it comes the decision to not move for a long time. This wardrobe is HUGE, and it’s our way of deciding to try to make our apartment more functional.

We also bought a tall skinny shelf/table thing for our entry way. Right now, there’s just an ugly banker’s box filled with Tinker’s clothes and random items, but soon we’ll have an actual piece of furniture. It doesn’t match the rest of our furniture, but it’s the perfect size for this weird and tiny space. It’s at least the same color as our desktop, and about 4 feet away from it, so hopefully it will look okay. I’m going to put a pretty bowl or plate on it for our keys, and maybe a plant or vase of flowers (because we actually don’t have ANYWHERE else in our apartment to put flowers!).

They didn’t have the wardrobe in stock today, so we decided to just have everything delivered next Friday. That will give us time to sell our current dresser and reorganize things. I’m really looking forward to all this, because at this point we CAN’T buy any more furniture or anything else big. Our apartment will be… DONE! And there won’t be random boxes of DVDs and Xbox games everywhere. I think that will help me relax a lot more when I get home.

3. Thanks for the feedback on my glasses options! I went with the Finn. I’m really excited to get them! Andy did the same thing for his, but he’s still deciding. I’ve had really good customer service with Warby Parker, and I really recommend them.

4. Learn HTML: This is SO happening at work. I’m not perfect at it yet, but I’m absorbing a lot. Even though it’s sometimes really confusing and difficult for me, I’m really excited that I’m finally learning it.

Things I haven’t made any progress on at all:

  • Tinker’s scrapbook
  • Getting a NY driver’s license
  • Finishing a draft of my book.

Those will all happen. Eventually.

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6 Responses to Wrapping up a few loose ends from the last few months…

  1. melsar93 says:

    Finding myself suddenly unemployed I like the idea of an unemployment list. I’ll have to give it some thought.

    Learning HTML will just continue to be more useful. I think it should be taught (or at least optional) at the high school level.

    • Kristin says:

      Sorry to hear you’re recently unemployed! I really liked having a list. It helped me break up my days a little more and still feel like I was accomplishing something (even if I spent the bulk of my day writing cover letters). It’s also a nice way of getting things done that you always save for the weekends when you have a job. Good luck!

      Yes, I wish I had learned HTML a long time ago. When I was in school, typing class was kind of pointless because we spent all of our spare time on AOL instant messenger. HTML would have been useful!

  2. Seashell says:

    I love the plate or bowl thing to collect keys, etc. I take advantage of wicker baskets like that. One in the kitchen to hold all the pet treats, medications, etc. One as a toy box for them. One for leashes and scoop bags by the front door. One for keys,etc., etc., etc., Unfortunately, the animals know how to take the toys out of the toy box, but they refuse to grasp the concept of putting them back in!

    • Kristin says:

      I always see gorgeous ceramic bowls and things at street fairs/markets here, and I’m really excited to have a reason to get one!

      I have a wicker basket for my knitting stuff (which is actually on top of the banker’s box in the entryway right now, so that may need to move), and one that currently has: an old DVD player, a microphone, and random cords. Yikes. I guess I better get to cleaning!

  3. Karl Sakas says:

    For learning HTML, I recommend Liz Castro’s “HTML, XHTML & CSS” Visual QuickStart book from Peachpit Press. The 6th edition is now several years old, but I like how she organizes her examples, and there’s a companion website with downloadable code snippets (I learned HTML using the 2nd edition in 1997): http://www.amazon.com/HTML-XHTML-Sixth-Elizabeth-Castro/dp/0321430840

    My coworkers (including our front-end designers) swear by Lynda.com for technology training. Rather than pay $25/month or $375/year, you might be able to convince your company to buy a subscription: http://www.lynda.com/

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