Want to help me pick out my next pair of glasses?

One of the side effects of my new job is eye strain. I sit and stare at a computer from 8:30 am until around 6:30 (or, like today, 7:30) pm. And the thing that I’m staring at all day is tiny HTML code. Incidentally, my eye prescription has changed.

Between that and the fact that I finally have vision insurance again, I decided that it was time to get new glasses. I’ve had my glasses for more than four years. I have contacts too, but I only wear them on the days I have ballet.

My friends Kris and Erin introduced me to an awesome company called Warby Parker. You can pick out 5 pairs to try on at home via their website. The company mails the glasses to you, you decide what you like, and then you send the samples back and have your glasses made. For NINETY-FIVE DOLLARS. TOTAL! (Um, the frames I looked at while I was at the eye doctor would have been more than $300 – WITH my insurance)

I just got my samples today, and I like several of them. Help me pick out my new look!

1. Nedwin

2. Reece

3. Finn

4. Sibley

5. Langston

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10 Responses to Want to help me pick out my next pair of glasses?

  1. mary says:

    I like Nedwin and Finn!

  2. Kristin says:

    Thanks Mary! I think those are my two favorites too. Andy really likes Finn.

  3. Karen says:

    Nedwin is probably the most flattering for your face shape, though Finn isn’t bad. Nedwin balances your browline with your jawline, giving you a solid oval. Finn is a little too wide.

    The really rectangular frames don’t work with your eyes – they make them look small, and the Langston is MUCH too wide for your face.

    As a side note, coastalcontacts.com will give you your first pair through them. With lens upgrades and shipping, I spent $39 on the pair I’m wearing now. Because you can shop by dimensions, I was able to narrow things down pretty effectively. (And I learned what all that code on the temples means…) I’ll definitely check out this other site when I’m ready to buy again!

    • Kristin says:

      Thanks Karen! I definitely agree about Nedwin, but I think I’m leaning toward Finn. Nedwin looks too much like my old glasses.

      I’ll check out coastalcontacts. Do they send you pairs to try on?

  4. oxymoron1856 says:

    I love the Reece frames!

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