Alright late twenties. Let’s do this.

Today, I turn 27. Officially, that’s my late twenties.

During my mid-twenties, my life was pretty chaotic. I lived in FIVE different apartments during that time. Three different cities.  If you count temp work and internships, I had SEVEN different jobs. Really, the only constants in my life during that time were friends, family, and Andy. Andy’s been around (as a boyfriend) since right after I turned 23.

During my late twenties, I don’t want to switch jobs and apartments multiple times a year. We’ve been at our apartment for 15 months, and will be there for at least the next year (probably). I’m allowing myself one move during my late twenties, because we do want to get a bigger apartment. But I’d really just like to have one year where my taxes aren’t ridiculously complicated from moves and multiple state and job changes. It won’t be this year, but maybe next.

I’m going to accept a job this week. I’m really hoping it’ll be one that I can stay at for a few years. I’m going to be very cautious about this decision, and I’m going to pick something I’ll stick with for a while.

I also want to dress better, because I am nowhere near NYC standards in term of fashion. I’m going to try to look more polished and classic. If that means cutting my hair short so it’s not always in a sloppy ponytail, well, then that may happen.

I’m not going to worry about where I’m at with “big life changes” compared to other people my age. Because you know what? I’m happy. I live with someone I love, in a city I love. I get to go to ballet classes and read fun books and take a cute dog to the park every day. I get to experience New York City I don’t have to spend my weekends doing yard work or home maintenance, because I rent. If I want to go out on any given night, I don’t have to find a babysitter or ask someone’s permission. There are certain “grownup” things that I do still want in life, but I’m going to try to just enjoy where I’m at right now, because it’s pretty awesome.

Here’s to you, late twenties!

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3 Responses to Alright late twenties. Let’s do this.

  1. Lisa says:

    Kristen, you are such a good writer! I *absolutely* love reading your blog. Since you are such a blogger, I know that will serve as an adequate birthday present. Happy birthday! (And be sure to post if you get a drastic haircut!)

  2. I just found your blog from ‘Ask a Manager’ and feel compelled to say that my late 20s rocked. Happy Birthday! I am looking forward to reading your other posts.

  3. Seashell says:

    Happy belated birthday! Hope it was great. I’m so far behind on my blog reading….. 😦

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