How to Succeed in Getting 9 interviews in 4 days (without really trying)

The past week has made me feel completely exhausted, but rightfully optimistic. Two weeks ago, things were looking kind of bleak. I was applying for jobs, but had kind of lost some motivation. Especially since I was able to get my unemployment again, because that took some (not all) of the pressure off.

So I uploaded my resume to Careerbuilder. Most people who have looked for work on this site know that it is completely useless for certain lines of work. The jobs that are posted under “marketing” are really all “entry-level sales.” It’s not the best place to look.

But it’s a good place to be found.

What a lot of people don’t know about it is that it’s where recruiters find people. Last year, when a recruiter contacted me out of the blue about KickApps– that’s where he found me. In May when I put my profile up, hoping for similar success, I just kept getting all kinds of spam. I also got calls about jobs that I definitely didn’t want, whether because of the actual job, or that they were located in Minnesota. (Um, no offense to my family members who live there/are about to move there. I’m a city girl.)

So anyway, I put my resume up there two weeks ago. On the Friday morning of that week, I was listlessly cruising the LinkedIn job postings, and I typed in “writing” instead of “marketing” or “email marketing.”  And I found a job posting for a part-time/freelance job that would be marketing writing and would turn into email marketing. I applied, using a recycled cover letter from a previous job I had applied to, then headed to Manhattan to have lunch with a friend.

After lunch, while I was walking through Harlem with the friend, I got a call about the LinkedIn job, and ended up doing a surprise phone screen right on the street. In Harlem. (Recruiters: please don’t do surprise phone screens. Or at the very least, ask the person if it’s a good time to talk.)

It went well though, so he later sent me an email asking for some samples of my work. I sent it over the weekend, and went about with my weekend.

Then on Monday, I was contacted via email by the sub-par recruiter (who found me on Careerbuilder, I think), and during that exchange, scheduled two interviews for Wednesday with other companies: one with a very well-known insurance company via a temp agency (so, it would be contract work for about 5 months), and one with the company I had been speaking with on Friday.

I thought I had burnt bridges with the  sub-par recruiter, but he contacted me Tuesday morning wanting to schedule three interviews for Thursday. Then on Wednesday, I had the phone screen for the insurance company, and the meeting with the LinkedIn company. When I got home, I had an email from a FOURTH company. This one was a major (like, really major and prominent all over the place, but especially iconic in NYC) retailer that wanted to speak with me about an email job I had applied for in May. That was a little strange, because while I know I wrote a great cover letter for that job, I received a rejection letter the day after I applied. But I scheduled the phone screen for Friday.

Then I heard from the insurance company, and they wanted to do an in-person interview on Friday morning. I went to that on Friday, and at the end, she wanted to know if I could come back in an hour and a half to meet with yet another person (if you’ve lost count, that’s EIGHT interviews in three days…). I had totally loved the first meeting there, so of course I did.

So I went to Starbucks to kill some time, and while I was waiting for my caramel frappucino (did I mention I hate most Starbucks cold drinks? I’m so ready for cold weather and hot drinks), the sub-par recruiter called me saying that the three interviewers totally loved me, but they also loved the other candidate. They wanted to get a sense of who wanted the job more. (Just another example of this recruiter’s incredible communication skills…) I explained that I was definitely interested (true), but that I was speaking with three other companies, so I’d have to wait until I had information from everyone before I made a decision (also true).

So I went to the other interview at the insurance company, and then went home and had the phone screen with the major retailer, and both went well. The retailer recruiter wanted me to come in and meet with him and the hiring manager, so I told him it would have to be early Monday because I was in the final interview stages with several other companies.

Then I changed into pajamas and collapsed from exhaustion. Eight interviews in three days is… a lot. And on all of these days, I had either had way too much or not enough caffeine (depending on what time the interviews were…). I took a nice long nap, and didn’t really feel awake again until the next day when we went to the Jim Henson exhibit at the museum.

This morning I had the first in-person interview at the major retailer. I really liked the person who would be my boss, and the job sounds really exciting. I’m not sure how well the timing will work with the other jobs, because all of them said I’d hear something early this week, and the retailer usually does multiple rounds of interviews.

Then I went home and napped again (I think my body is developing a weird coping mechanism for dealing with interview stress), and was really disappointed that I hadn’t heard back from anyone else yet. So I took Tinker for a walk about a half hour ago, and when I came back, I had a missed called/voicemail….

…. WITH A JOB OFFER! This one is for the job with the weird recruiter. I liked everything about it except for the recruiter. But the thing is, I really liked all of the other jobs I interviewed for also. I’d really be happy with any of them. Tomorrow I’m going to call some of the others and let them know that I have an offer (which all of them asked me to do). I’ve never had multiple  offers before, and I technically don’t,  yet, but it’s really exciting.

I was tweeting about this whole experience last week, and lots of people were asking me what my secret was. And I hate to  it, but there really wasn’t one. Good cover letters worked for half of them, but simply uploading my resume to a job search site and waiting for my phone to ring worked for the other two. Or maybe the universe is just trying to give me a job for my birthday (again).


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4 Responses to How to Succeed in Getting 9 interviews in 4 days (without really trying)

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  2. Seashell says:

    Congrats Kristin! I’m so happy for you!

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