Guest Post from- My mom!

(Note from Kristin: My mom came to visit last week, and I make my houseguests write blog posts about their trips to New York. Take it away, Mom!)

For those of you who do not know me, I am Kristin’s mom, Marianne. I recently had the pleasure of visiting Kristin, Andy, Tinker, and of course, the fabulous city of New York. As is the honor of Kristin’s guests, I get to write a guest blog – so here goes.

This is my first trip to New York and Kristin and I had planned many, many fun activities together. The word “anticipation” hardly covers it.

The trip started out with a cross-country flight. My first stop was Baltimore, luckily I had lunch at Phillips. Yes, they should be famous for their crab cakes. The fun started as my plane was delayed for seven hours due to something called “rain,” an unfamiliar concept to those of us who live in the desert. What could have been a bad experience was lightened as I was seated next to a very interesting woman and we exchanged life stories and became fast friends. Amazing to me how otherwise we would have spent an hour on the flight, crossed paths and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to hear a firsthand account of someone who lived through a major hurricane. Everyone has a story and something to teach us. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

With a safe, though delayed arrival at New York I finally got to see Kristin, Tinker and meet Andy in person. Our plans begin with touring New York City including “Top of the Rock” Central Park, Rockefeller Center, yummy street vendor food, Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes.

The Yankee tickets for that night that we got weeks ago just happened to fall on a day that Derek Jeter was due to reach 3000 hits. So excited to go to a Yankees game…like, what is more New York than the Yankees, right (sorry Mets fans)?

We all met up in and took the subway to the Bronx for the game. After waiting one hour outside Yankee stadium in the rain….our much, much anticipated game was canceled because of rain. Disappointment…yes. I so wanted it to be this great bonding experience for the three of us since I just met Andy and thought this would be a great way to start off the weekend. Perhaps it was not meant to be…but oh, so close. So, instead we went out to a very nice dinner.

Going in to this trip I had many ideas of what New York would be like, and face it – there are a lot of stereotypes of what the people, places and experience of New York is. I found very nice people and honesty where I didn’t expect it. I loved the mass transit system! Yes, there were a few interesting characters along the way. New York is the true “melting pot” of America. I loved it…the history, architecture, culture, food and most of all the people. All the diversity enriches this city and is a true representation of what makes our country so great.

As planned, Kristin and I went through our long list of New York touristy things to do and I saw it all: Rockefeller plaza, Central Park, Times Square, all the great buildings and neighborhoods, shopping, food, movies,  spa day, and ballet class together (I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and proud at how good Kristin got at ballet; I was humbled at my attempt at it…but truly enjoyed sharing the experience with Kristin).

Of course, we visited Ground Zero, which is now the site of the new “Freedom Tower.” I have no words to adequately describe my emotions of being there. Love and respect for the people of New York will have to do. Also, great appreciation for the iron workers building the new towers. Bravery and courage in all forms are truly represented on that site.

A memorable moment for me was taking a harbor cruise around the Statue of Liberty. It occurred to me that about 100 years ago my grandparents passed the Statue coming to our country to seek opportunity. My father passed the Statue of Liberty returning from WWII, defending our freedom and today, my daughter and I passed the Statue of Liberty, with her seeking opportunity and an enriching life in New York. Harbor cruise: $23, connection to my family history….priceless!

What I wanted of this trip was to experience a “slice of” Kristin’s life, and that was accomplished. From how to “get around” to the fun things to do and places to go, to living in a New York apartment on the 4th floor, ballet class, and meeting Andy (yes, he is wonderful). I saw the beauty of the nearby park and all of the beautiful gardens in the neighborhood. I couldn’t be prouder of Kristin and the fact that she made her dream of living in New York happen. I feel as though I got to know her on a deeper level because I got to truly see her life from her vantage point. That makes all the difference.

Kristin, Andy and I went to see the Broadway play “Wicked,” which I had heard the music to but didn’t know the whole story. I highly recommend the play. The play, in case you don’t know is about OZ , and it shows the “witches” from a different point of view. Galinda (the “good” witch) seems to be seeking “happiness” in perfection which so many of us get caught up life. In one of her songs, she says, “happy is what happens, when all your dreams come true.”

I think we find our happiness inside of us and it is not dependent on perfection or dreams coming true. I think happiness is what happens when life isn’t perfect all the time and we are still happy. That way, we can be happy when dreams come true, but we can also find
meaning in the experiences that don’t go as we would like. I couldn’t be happier and I couldn’t be prouder of Kristin.

Thank you, Kristin, for sharing your life with me and being the best tour guide/daughter there could ever be. Andy, for making Kristin so happy and putting up with me for a few days. Btw…the man can cook!

We had the best dinner at their place. Yankees game….rescheduled for this fall. Tinker, thanks for your sweetness and going for walks with me in “your” park.

I love you all and hope I can come back really soon. I ❤ New York!

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1 Response to Guest Post from- My mom!

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m glad that your mom had a wonderful time, and I envy how close you two are. Your mom I remember was the coolest mom of the posse. 🙂

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