Why don’t I ever post much in June?

Okay, I know. I haven’t written in a while. I’m definitely failing at my “one post a week” goal. And my last post wasn’t even about my life in NY, so I know that I’ve veered away from the original point of this blog. I’ve been trying to do occasional posts about topics I like to read about on other blogs, but I don’t know that any who reads this is even interested in that kind of stuff. Not my problem. 🙂

I started the temp job a few weeks ago, and it seems to be going well. I’ve kind of taken a break from applying for other jobs, but might start up again soon, since I think I only have a few more weeks left at this one. It’s been nice only working 3 days a week (and still being able to eat and pay rent), but I can’t wait to get back to having a normal job and benefits. It’s weird being a long-term temp. I can’t work like I normally would in that I can’t organize my email the way I want to, decorate my desk, or challenge other people ever. I guess it’s a good practice in patience.

So back to New York related things.

I went to an Andrew Bird concert in Prospect Park in Brooklyn on Friday night. The show was free and part of the Celebrate Brooklyn series. I met up with a friend from college who happened to be in town this weekend looking for apartments because she’s moving here in a month. The show was really good- even though it was my second time seeing Andrew Bird, I still don’t know many of his songs. I kind get lost in the music. I used to play violin, and love seeing violinists. I’ve never been able to whistle, and he does amazing things with that.

I’m normally not much of a fan of Brooklyn, mostly because I’m not cool enough to live there, but also because it takes so long to get there from my apartment. The area we were in was really pretty and full of nice brownstones, and it made me reconsider (even though it took us more than an hour to get home…).

Yesterday was Andy’s birthday. By the time we both got home from work and he had opened his presents (I got him a nice shirt and a Verizon gift card to buy an iPhone, because I am an awesome girlfriend, and his flip phone was embarrassing. Well, and because he really wanted an iPhone…), it was already 8 pm. We were planning on going out to dinner, and I asked where he wanted to go. He said hesitantly, “Um… Red Lobster?”

In the rest of America, that wouldn’t be terrible. Most cities have at least one Red Lobster, and the food’s good and reasonably priced. For some reason, there’s only one Red Lobster location in NYC: Times Square.


First off, there a THOUSANDS of delicious restaurants here. Restaurants that aren’t filled with tourists and aren’t in Times Square. There’s definitely an embarrassment factor for people who live here who go to restaurants like that. There are just too many better options. The mentality is that if you want to eat like a “normal” American- go to the rest of America.

Okay, so I can see why tourists would want to visit Times Square. I get it. It’s iconic, and SO New York. To me (and most people who live here), it’s a big headache. It’s filled with people who have no regard for anyone who’s trying to walk past them, because they’re busy taking pictures of gigantic advertisements. It’s crowded beyond belief. You’ll get harassed by people dressed up like cartoon characters and people trying to get you to go to bad comedy clubs, and it’s really annoying. But Andy wanted Red Lobster, and so we went.

Forty-five minutes on the train, then a forty-five minute wait. The food was good- better than other RL locations I’ve been to in other states, and we had a really good waiter who kept the cheddar biscuits coming. It cost WAY more than RL does anywhere else. I don’t know if it is just here, but if you watch a RL commercial and they have an advertised price, there’s a little disclaimer at the bottom that says “Excluding the Times Square Location.” It was almost double what we would have paid in Indiana for the same meal.

The train ride home was kind of awful. Our train kept having delays, and we didn’t get home until almost midnight. At least I didn’t have to work today.

I guess I’ll have to get used to doing touristy things again though, because- MY MOM IS COMING TO VISIT IN A FEW WEEKS! I’m really excited! We haven’t had any family members come visit yet, and my mom’s never been to NYC. We have a pretty busy schedule planned for the six days that she’ll be here, and I can’t wait! We’re going to a Yankees game, Wicked the Musical, and sight-seeing all over the city. It’ll be a fun “staycation” for Andy and I, and a fun vacation for my mom.

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1 Response to Why don’t I ever post much in June?

  1. Seashell says:

    Happy belated birthday to Andy! It’s so awesome that you’re mom is coming for a visit. I loved it when my parents came to visit us in Texas. It’s so much fun to show them why you love living where you do. Enjoy it to the max!

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