What to do with all these books?

I guess it might be time for an update on some of my other unemployment projects. I’ve done a lot of the projects, but there are still some that have carried over from last time (like getting a NY drivers license, finishing a scarf I started in July, putting pictures in this pre-made scrapbook I have for Tinker, and finishing a draft of the book I’ve been working on for 3 years). I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to those ones.

The projects on my list ranged from things like “give myself a pedicure” to “learn HTML.”  (Guess which one of those I accomplished…)

But one of the important but manageable ones was organizing my books.  I’ve always had a lot of books. Even after I get rid of a lot of books. The sad thing is- I got rid of a lot of books before I moved here, and I haven’t bought any physical books since August when I got a Kindle. And yet, my bookshelf was still over flowing. We also have a DVD shelf that’s about half the width of the bookshelf- and that’s overflowing too. There’s another size of DVD shelf at Ikea that’s half the size of our DVD shelf, and that’s about how much room we have left in our living room (but that’ll be a trip to Ikea- not happening anytime soon).

So, the bookshelf used to have books, random stuff, and the DVD overflow:

Extreme Close-up:

So I took everything off the shelves. I dusted. I put all the DVDs in a box.  I rearranged the shelf heights to make the most of the space (and fit the bigger books at the bottom). Since I also needed a bigger workspace, I took my big pretty file box off my desk and put it on the shelf. Andy and I share a desk, and it already has his desktop computer, my laptop, and a huge printer on it. We need as much space as we can get. I know I definitely need a calm desk to get any work done.

Here’s what the bookshelf looks like now:

I still need to find a place for the piles of books/magazines on the floor, and also for all those DVDs stacked on the radiator. Our DVD shelf doesn’t currently look much better than the “before” version of the bookshelf, but once we get another shelf in place, I think we’ll be fine. (And in case you were wondering- yes, the only smoke alarm in our apartment is sitting on the DVD shelf. It kept going off when we had it in the kitchen.) We’ve been in this apartment just under a year, and it almost looks like adults live here. Almost.

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5 Responses to What to do with all these books?

  1. Seashell says:

    We took all of our DVDs and put them in binders, in alphabetical order. We add the new ones about once a month or so. It does take a few minutes to keep the order, but we leave an empty sleeve between the letters. We also take the label from the DVD case so the movie is easily identified. The binders we use look like a little like leather bound books. We condensed about 9 feet of DVD shelves into 1 1/2 feet of DVD shelves. It saved us tons of room!

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