The one where I’ve been out of college for as long as I was in college

Happy Cinco De Mayo, everyone! I haven’t really celebrated that holiday since I lived in Texas, and by “celebrated,” I really mean “didn’t have to go to school, and probably had tacos for dinner.” But today’s a more significant day for me. It’s the official anniversary of my college graduation! Four years ago today, I walked across the stage and got a pretty red folder with a note in it that said “This isn’t your diploma. You’ll get that in the mail in a few weeks. Now pls donate money to our Alumni Association.” (I haven’t done that. I might someday once I’ve finished paying off my education.). My friend Kerry incorporated Cinco De Mayo into her graduation hat by hot gluing decorations to it. In the nicest (dive) bar bathroom I’ve ever been in, the night before graduation. I guess you would have had to have been there, but it was fun.

Since I finished high school a semester before the actual graduation ceremony (8 years ago…whoa…), I don’t feel as nostalgic about that. My shaky experience with transferring schools a few times made me detach from high school pretty quickly. But not college. College was the [cliche alert!] best four years of my life.

The past few years on this anniversary, my thoughts have been “Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been 1/2/3 years!!! Time flies!” But this year, it definitely feels like college was a long time ago. I guess it’s because my life has changed so significantly in the past year. And yet, in a way, I’m right back where I was four years ago- looking for work and trying to figure out exactly what I want to do professionally. And that’s okay.

I kind of wish I could be in Indiana these next few weeks. Several of my friends are graduating, either finishing undergrad at Ball State, or Master’s at IUPUI, and I’d love to be part of their celebrations. I’m really proud of all of my friends who have continued their educations, and I’m sure the three I’m thinking about will all go on to do amazing things. Especially Sarah. Go read her blog about Millennials in Indianapolis who care about making a difference.

Sometimes I really miss college. Ball State was awesome, and I’m happy to still be close with some of the people I met there (especially Andy!).

(My brother, me, my niece, and my sister at my graduation party)

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