Come on down, come on down, it’s cookie time!

Ahh, that special time of year. Everyone’s happier and a little more satisfied. Maybe a little fatter and a little more lethargic, but no one’s judging anyone about it, because we all understand.

That’s right. It’s Girl Scout cookie time. At least, in New York, it’s cookie time. This is the latest Girl Scout Cookie season I’ve ever experienced in my life, and I’ve participated either as a seller or a buyer in 21 years worth of cookie seasons. Cookies should be ordered in January and delivered in February. But it doesn’t matter. They’re here now.

Since I’ve been living in apartments for about 8 years, and I didn’t know any little girls who were girl scouts, I’ve had to resort to co-workers and booth sales to get my fix. This year was no different. I ordered four boxes from a co-worker a few weeks ago.

The problem is, he’s not my co-worker anymore, and the cookies got here this week. I made arrangements for someone to bring my cookies to the subway stop near my old office (because I sure wasn’t going in…), and the whole arrangement felt like a drug deal (well, like I’m assuming it would feel. I’ve never been involved in that.) But it doesn’t matter. The cookies are in my possession.

Now, I have four glorious boxes of cookies in my freezer. I haven’t opened any yet, and I’m going to try to wait as long as possible (which will probably be another 10 minutes). Then I will hoard these cookies for MONTHS if I can. They’re too special and delicious.

Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Dulce de Leche, and Trefoils:

I’m a bit of a Girl Scout Cookie connoisseur. When I was a kid, I was the one who HAD to sell 300 boxes a year so that I could get the stuffed animal and the patch and the t-shirt and get to go to a week of summer camp for free. Usually, I would sell them in my neighborhood and at my dad’s work, and then my mom would buy the difference and I’d have my own booth sale. So, we usually had a ton of cookies in our house (especially when my mom was the troop leader).

There are two bakeries that make girl scout cookies, and the cookies are slightly different and vary by region/which bakery each Girl Scout council uses. In the Circle T Council in Texas, the cookies were supplied by ABC Smart Cookie, and in Indiana and New York, they’re from Little Brownie Bakers. I prefer the ABC Smart Cookies. They have different names, and the Peanut Butter Patties (NOT tagalongs- but yeah, they’re tagalongs) taste much better.

Name differences:

Little Brownie Bakers                            ABC Smart Cookie

Thin Mints……………..Thin Mints (because you can’t mess with a classic..)
Samoas…………………….Caramel Delites
Tagalongs……………..Peanut Butter Patties
Do-si-dos……………….Peanut Butter Sandwich

(I’m not going to list the other cookies, because beyond these- the menu is TOTALLY different).

My favorite cookie was only around for a few years, and it was discontinued when I was a kid- Strawberries and Cream. It’s two vanilla cookies with a cream frosting (Oreo style), but there’s a circle cut out of the top cookie, and it’s filled with strawberry jam covered in sugar. Luckily, there’s something comparable at Duane Reade here.  Now I just stick to the ones I bought this year. I’ll probably get more if I see any booths this year.

Okay, now I need to spend some quality time with some Shortbread/Trefoils. 🙂

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