Spring Cleaning, NYC edition

It’s finally, FINALLY April. After a particularly cold winter with a few too many snowstorms, I’m absolutely loving this 50 degree weather we’ve been having (the Texan in me never thought I’d say THAT…). It’s time to get my tiny apartment out of hibernation.

Of course, if you’re anything like me, motivation is key. How do I motivate myself? Real Simple Magazine, for starters. I have a subscription, and every time I read it, I want to clean and organize my apartment. I also want to paint it and go spend ridiculous amounts of money on fixtures at Anthropologie, but I’ll save that for after I buy a place.

But that wasn’t even my biggest motivator today.  No, today I saw this video about a woman with a – wait for it- NINETY SQUARE FOOT APARTMENT. On the Upper West Side. For $700/month. (Yes, I realize that you can get a nice apartment with a laundry room for that in Indy…) And it was super organized and cute. It made me feel a little bad about all the complaining I’ve done about my small apartment (which is probably a whopping 550 square feet).  If she can make her apartment organized and cozy, why can’t I?

When I moved here almost a year ago (!!), I got rid of a LOT of stuff. Like, a LOT. At least half of my furniture, and countless bags of clothing/purses went to Goodwill. I sold my violin and guitar, and tried to keep to the bare essentials- so, lots of books and too much clothing. Andy and I have managed to almost get our apartment in a livable state, but we could really use another closet and room for another big bookshelf.

Organizing our apartment will be an ongoing project, but this weekend I did what I could to clean the other parts. Like most New Yorkers, I had my laundry sent out yesterday, but it won’t be back until tomorrow morning. Today after ballet, I cleaned and mopped (that’s right, MOPPED- not swiffered!) the kitchen and cleaned the bathroom. We changed the sheets and did our monthly paranoid preventative bedbug spraying in the bedroom. We finally threw out my gigantic cardboard box of big pictures (just the box, not the pictures), and now I’m going to have to figure out where to put them.

So, drumroll……..I’m finally ready to post some pictures of my apartment! I know some of my friends back in Indy have asked to see it. I’ve given a few Skype tours, but I still think the size might appear shocking to my friends in Indiana (for a frame of reference- my ENTIRE apartment could fit in the living room of the apartment I shared with Sarah and Katie a few years ago…).

So here’s my semi-clean apartment. Does anyone have any organization tips? (That don’t require a huge trip to Ikea..)

Bedroom, with Tinker blinded by the flash. To give you a sense of the size of the room- I’m standing in the doorway for this picture, and that’s a full size bed- not queen.

Bedroom, standing on the corner of the bed. We have a VERY small closet and a few overhead cabinets, but that’s pretty much it for built-in storage space.

Living room, from the bedroom door. This is where the magic happens- this is a living room, dining room, office, and more. The black and white poster/picture collage is still a work in progress. That’s Andy’s project.

Living room from the other side. We need more bookshelf space!

(I’m skipping the entryway and bathroom, because they’re really not that exciting. And the bathroom’s too small to get a good picture).

Next up, the kitchen: (taken from right in front of the fridge. All you’re missing is the fridge and the recycling bins.)

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6 Responses to Spring Cleaning, NYC edition

  1. Cristella says:

    Wow! You guys weren’t kidding when you said you didn’t have room for more than one visitor to stay with you.

    It looks really nice! I’ll probably be having the organizing thing on my mind lately too! I’m probably going to be offered full time this week or in the very near future so I’m looking for places to live in Noblesville or Indy. 🙂 Noblesville would be less of a commute than living in Indy. It’d be about the same distance I drive to work now.

  2. Kristin says:

    But there is enough room for one guest! When are you coming to visit us? 🙂

    Congrats on the job!! That’s great! I really liked living in Castleton, but I think Noblesville would be good too.

    • Cristella says:


      It’ll probably be the fall sometime. Unless you can convince me to come in the very hot summer. 🙂

  3. Seashell says:

    Am I seeing a record player and albums in the bedroom? Or are my eyes deceiving me? And yes, I would recognise them because we have the same thing in our bedroom… Nothing like the sound of playing an LP!

    • Kristin says:

      Yes you are! They’re all Andy’s, but I definitely like having them around! They do sound much better than CDs or Mp3s.

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