Updates on things

Yeah, I know. I didn’t write anything last week. I haven’t really done anything all that exciting. But I do have some followup from a few previous things I’ve written about. I promise I’ll try to be more interesting in the future.

NYU Classes– On Tuesday, I start my next NYU class! I’m taking Blogging, and it’s an online course. I don’t know how I’ll do with distance learning, because my learning style is more Hermione Granger, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m not sure if I’ll end up making a new blog for the class (as a separate entity), or just work from this one. Either way, expect improvements here. Also, after this class I’m going to have to pick my major. I can either make it “Book Publishing” or “Digital Publishing.” Digital would make more sense for what my current career is, but I still don’t know.

At work, I’ve been building our emails in ExactTarget, and I’ve been having to mess around with the HTML a lot more. I’m discovering that I really want to learn HTML. I didn’t realize how satisfying it would be to stare at a screen full of letters and characters that don’t seem to make sense, and then paste them somewhere and see them look like a pretty marketing email. What’s the best way to learn HTML? (Anyone? I know some of my readers are designers/coders/nerds.)

Books– Okay, admittedly, one of the reasons I haven’t been out doing anything New York-y is because I’ve been reading so much. I’m about 1/3 through Mockingjay, the last book of the Hunger Games Series, and I plan on spending this afternoon finishing it. I can’t wait for the movies about it next year, although I can’t imagine how they’re going to be able to make them even PG-13.

Ballet/Friends- My feelings about ballet have evolved differently than I expected. I haven’t been to my normal Sunday class in about 4 weeks. The first one I missed was because I was in Indiana, but after that- I just haven’t felt like it as much. Ever since January, my Sunday class has been FULL (like, 20-22 people instead of the normal 10-12). I hated it full. So I stopped going to that class, even though I really like the teacher, and had been making friends in it.

I’m still going to my Wednesday class, which I now totally love. The teacher’s great and really pushes us, and I feel like I’m getting better at it every week. I’m finally able to hold my passé relevé long enough to do a double turn (which I used to be able to do easily- 11 years ago). I’m getting closer to being able to do the splits again too.

But even better than that- I’m actually developing friendships in my classes that are extending outside of class. Yay! I’ve met some really interesting people who have similar interests, and I’m really happy about it. Ever since college, all of the friends I’ve made have either been through work or through my other friends, so it’s nice to know I’m still capable of connecting with people on my own. (Yes, I AM that socially awkward. )

Proflowers– I finally got my flowers a week and a half ago. They’re pretty white and pink lilies, and they smell wonderful. About half of them bloomed in the first week, and when I left work on Friday, I threw out 2 that had died, but there were still 6 that hadn’t even bloomed yet, so they should be around a while. I love at work when people ask about them, and I tell them they’re for Valentine’s day, and then they have the same confused look on their faces. Take that, Proflowers. I’m just glad that whole fiasco is DONE.

Cable TV– I think I’m watching about the same amount of TV, but the content’s shifted. Less Seinfeld, more Daily Show. Less “NY Nonstop,” more marathons of terrible shows like “Sister Wives.” It is really nice having the DVR though- we always seem to have trouble getting home and having dinner ready on Thursdays by 8, so it’s nice that we can pause Community and then fast forward through commercials.

So, yeah, not much going on in Kristin’s world right now. It’s the first day of spring, and the weather’s been nicer. I can’t wait to take Tinker out for long walks again. He had his shots and dental cleaning on Thursday, and he still seems to be recovering. He has a bandage on his arm from the IV, and he whines when I try to take it off.  we signed on for another year at the Harlem Banfield, which I’m not terribly thrilled about, but I’m glad I can at least spread out the payments over a year.

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2 Responses to Updates on things

  1. Laura Earley says:

    HTML is awesome. If you get that down I suggest learning CSS too. The best way to learn is to just mess with it, like you’re doing. Check out tutorials and just open a text editor and start playing. I’ve been trying to learn it for years, but my designer brain makes it hard. I coded my first website a few years ago, it was just a few lines of HTML and CSS but it was super rewarding. But yeah, before I start to completely nerd out, look to the internets for tutorials, there’s about and bajillion.

  2. Seashell says:

    Maybe I need to start taking some classes and making friends! I’m that socially awkward, too. We’ve lived in Richmond for more than 6 years and I have had the hardest time making friends. I work in a very male dominated field, so all my friends here are male. 😦
    I need to branch out!

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