And the winner is… United Way of Central Indiana!

This past weekend was Oscar night. Most people watch it at home on TV, or maybe have a small get-together with friends to watch the awards.

I’m, of course, not most people. For the past four years, I’ve participated in United Way of Central Indiana’s Oscar Night America event. This fun gala is a fundraiser for United Way’s* awesome early learning priorities in Indianapolis. UWCI was my first (real) job out of college, and I’ve stayed connected with the organization and the people who work there over the years.

The event usually involves formal wear (and for the past three years, a fun theme), delicious food/drinks, a raffle, and of course- filling out an Oscar ballot and watching the awards on a big screen. The first two years, Andy and I went together, and had a blast!



Last year, I ended up going by myself because Andy was working in Memphis at the time. That year had a 1920s theme, and I used my sewing/costuming skills from college to make a dress from an actual 1920s pattern:

This year, the theme was “A night in Bollywood!” It was fantastic! I had some LUV vouchers from Southwest from my Vegas flying fiasco in August, so I decided to fly out to Indy for the weekend to attend Oscar night with my friend/former roomie Sarah and her girlfriend Christin. They’re both about to graduate with specialized degrees in the non-profit field, and I’m really glad they decided to go to Oscar night.

Since I live in Queens, which is sort of known for its diversity, I had no trouble finding something awesome to wear to an Indian-themed event. I found this gorgeous green salwar suit at a cute little shop in Jackson Heights. I really hope I can find another occasion to wear it, because I love it! Not everyone dressed in the theme exactly, but a lot of people found awesome ways to mix Indian and American fashions together and ended up looking FABULOUS (cough, SARAH)

Interestingly enough- with as much effort as I put into going to the Oscars (and seeing as many of the movies as possible), I hardly pay attention at the actual awards show. I’m usually too busy having fun at my table!

One more thing- with the exception of last year (the year my hair looked terrible…), my little sister Laura has done my hair for Oscar night every year. This year, she did mine, Sarah’s, and Christin’s. She’s a hairstylist, and does an excellent job making me look good for these events. Thanks Laura!

*Note: It’s not “The United Way.” It’s just “United Way.” Thought I’d clear that up, because a lot of people don’t know that.

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1 Response to And the winner is… United Way of Central Indiana!

  1. Seashell says:

    That sounds like such a fun fund raiser! I hope y’all had a blast. I love that they do a formal wear theme.

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