Hey Proflowers- what do you get when you piss off a blogger?

If you’ve known me a really long time, you’d know that I have a history of really bad Valentine’s days. Not to go into too much detail, but I’ve had a death in the family, an emergency wisdom tooth abstraction, and more trips to Wal-mart with boyfriends to “pick out my own flowers” than I’d like to count. (Actual number: Four Wal-mart trips. Two different boyfriends. One of the MANY reasons both of them are EX-boyfriends). There are other incidents that I’d rather not post on here, but let’s just say- I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, regardless of whether not I have a boyfriend. Luckily, it’s Weezer’s birthday/anniversary, so I’ve always had something to celebrate. But I digress.

I’ve been lucky to have just had my 4th Valentine’s day with a wonderful boyfriend who doesn’t take me to Wal-mart to pick out my own flowers.  This year, Andy thought it would be extra special to order flowers for me from proflowers.com and have them delivered to my office.  Totally sweet, especially considering:
1) I really like flowers.
2) I’ve never received DELIVERED flowers before, and certainly never at work.
3) I work with a lot of boys. Some of them need a gentle reminder that I have a wonderful boyfriend.
4) Aforementioned Wal-Mart trips.
5) I’ve had an insanely crazy few weeks at work, and have been extremely stressed. Having pretty flowers and a constant reminder of Andy and how much he loves me on my desk would definitely make it easier to get through the workday (even if only for a few days).

He had kind of hinted that I might be getting flowers, so all day on Valentine’s day, I anxiously looked up whenever I heard the doorbell ring or the elevator ding. Being the kind of person that I am, around 4 pm, I looked at several flower websites to see what their delivery policies were and what the latest delivery times were. Most said 5 p.m. Andy IMed me and asked if I had received anything, and I said I hadn’t. I dejectedly left at 6, my normal time, and got on the train for my 40 minute commute home (on a train filled with people holding Valentine’s gifts that they were bringing home to their loved ones).

When I walked in the door, Andy was sitting at our computer desk, and this was sitting on our coffee table:

This is NOT from proflowers. It's from Teddy's Flower Shop in Astoria, NY. Cute, huh?

At first I was confused since I thought the flowers were supposed to come to my work, but then Andy hugged me and said, “I just wanted you to have something special for Valentine’s Day. I love you.” It turns out he left work a few minutes early and went to a florist- at 5:30 pm on VALENTINE’S DAY- to try and find me something. It wasn’t necessary at all, and it definitely wasn’t cheap, but it was very touching and sweet. It cheered me up a lot, and the chocolates were yummy! I gave him the scarf and new earbuds that I had gotten him, and cooked dinner for us. We had a nice evening, but the lack of the original flower delivery put a damper on it.

So, I went to work today, thinking that SURELY the other flowers would arrive. I understood that there was probably an overwhelming number of deliveries, and I honestly wouldn’t have been that upset if they had gotten to my work today.

No dice.

I left work at my normal time, and at 6:41, when my train was almost at my last stop (which is above ground), my phone rang. It was a flower delivery guy, saying he was outside my office. Um yeah, the office closes at 6. There were probably people still there, but the main door was locked, security guard was gone, and there’d be no way for the delivery guy to get in. The proflowers.com site (and the receipt they sent Andy, for that matter), said that they deliver to businesses before 5 p.m.


So now I’m left with the knowledge that my “Valentine Cheer” bouquet (for which Andy paid $25 in delivery and “holiday” fees ALONE- on top of the cost of the fancy flowers) is sitting in a box somewhere, either on a truck or in some sort of warehouse, and probably has been for at least three days.

So even if it does arrive tomorrow (which is what I instructed the delivery guy to do), these flowers aren’t going to accomplish any of the above listed things they were going to accomplish. Instead, my sweet, loving boyfriend spent more than $100 to stress us both out.

I’ve investigated this on Facebook (which requires a “like” before allowing comments) and Twitter, and it appears that there were MANY other customers who had similar issues. Flowers not even delivered, or delivered, but wilting/not the right style/not the right quantity/looking nothing like the picture online. It seems like whoever is managing their Facebook account is responding to complaints (including mine) with a phone number to call, and they’re genuinely trying to, in their words, “make things right.” Some customers have responded back saying they were given new flowers and refunds, so I guess that’s something.

I’ll post an update (with a picture) if/when I receive the flowers. I hate to make such a big deal out of this- I know I’m incredibly lucky to have someone as great as Andy at all. The best part of my Valentine’s Day was cuddling with Andy on the couch and watching a movie on TV, and I think it still would have been even if I had received the flowers at work. I just hate that now he feels bad that they weren’t delivered on time, and I feel bad that he feels bad, and that he spent so much money for such a disappointment.

Come on, proflowers.com. Make it right.

UPDATE: 1:30 P.M., February 16
Still no flowers. The current ad on the homepage of proflowers.com says: “When she sees it, she won’t mind it’s late.”

UPDATE: 5:51 P.M., February 16
Still no flowers! Andy called customer service a few hours ago, and was told that his order had been “rejected.” They didn’t say who rejected it, but it wasn’t me. And I don’t think it was the florist, because they tried to deliver it yesterday after business hours. And if it actually WAS rejected, why did they still charge him for it? I posted this on their Facebook page, and just got the same generic response to call “Jaynie” at the 800 number. Stay tuned.

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9 Responses to Hey Proflowers- what do you get when you piss off a blogger?

  1. Marianne says:

    Kristin, I totally get all the “bad” Valentines Day references…many of us do. I think as women we are brainwashed into thinking that receiving flowers, gifts and such is some kind of statement of our desirability as women and thus puts pressure on men to make sure we are happy in this way. From my vantage point, I see that you have “the real deal”. A man that truly cares…all year. There will always be factors outside of our relationships that cause stress and difficulties for “the relationship” But, from the “inside” of the relationship you have a completely wonderful man who went to such lengths to make sure you were happy on Valentines Day. I think you are the luckiest one of all and it didn’t depend on a flawless delivery of some business. The love Andy showed in making sure you were happy is worth soooo much more than anything Proflowers could or could not deliver. You have the real deal……..that is priceless!

  2. Kristin says:

    Yeah, I know that receiving flowers in no way indicates a person’s “desirability.” I definitely feel lucky to have Andy in my life, and that he took the extra step to get me flowers. I’m just really frustrated that he paid so much, and that I’m probably going to receive a box of dead/wilting red, white, and pink flowers that I’d rather throw out than display on my desk. This whole thing is still developing (since I haven’t received the flowers yet, and he hasn’t called to complain yet), but I’m hoping he get a refund at the very least.

  3. Seashell says:

    Don’t you just hate it how you man feels bad when something he planned for you goes wrong through no fault of his own? And it’s so hard to get through to him that he shouldn’t feel bad! If you figure out how to do that, please let me know. We are both very luck to have loving men that care about us so much! Happy Belated Valentine’s Day Kristin!
    ~ shell

  4. Laura says:

    Screw them, you better get your money back.

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  8. Eboo Versi says:

    Pro Flowers are scumbags. They entice you with promises of free shipping then hit you up with a free shipping plan handling charges ONLY after you’ve filled out all the details because they know that you won’t be bothered to do it all again.
    AVOID THEM until they change their business practices!

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