Walking in a winter wonderland

One of the advantages of my job is that I’m able to work from home when there are ridiculous amounts of snow on the ground.  The buses weren’t running, and neither were some of the trains I need to take, so I’m working from home today.

Since it’s so rare that I’m home during the day, when it’s light out, when the snow looks pretty, I decided to step out during my lunch break and take Tinker for a walk through Astoria Park. I brought my camera…

In case anyone was still wondering why I don't want to have a car here...

Tinker seeing what he's up against

Astoria Park

There's a park bench in there somewhere...

Let's build a snowman! We can make him our best friend! We can name him Bob, or we can name him.... Beowulf!

Tinker's in doggy bliss. Loving the snow!

Pretty trees and shadows!

View of Harlem and people feeding seagulls.

Tinker starting to question how fun this is.


I love the view of this bridge so much, any time of year. It's part of why I picked my apartment.

My building (on the left- we're the top floor, right by the red fire escape)

Back to work- from the comfort of my warm apartment!

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2 Responses to Walking in a winter wonderland

  1. Seashell says:

    So pretty, especially if you don’t have to go out in.

  2. Kristin says:

    Yeah, taking Tinker for the walk was about as much as I wanted to go out in it. It was nice though! Not as cold as it looks like it should be.

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