My dog wears balloons on his feet.

The last few weeks, my life has been a blur of work, ballet, going out with work people, train delays, faking an understanding of HTML, and trying to stay warm in ridiculously unpleasant weather. I haven’t felt very inspired to write, because when I get home, I’m exhausted and end up just watching too many episodes of Gilmore Girls on dvd.

So, here’s a picture of my dog wearing balloons on his feet:

Okay, they’re not actually balloons. They’re Paws foot protectors. It’s $14.99 for 12 (3 sets) at Petco, and they’re supposed to protect dog feet from water, snow, salt, and whatever else is on the ground this time of year. They’re reusable. They’re color-coded by the different sizes, so orange was our only option. They were kind of hard to put on him at first (think condoms without the rolling factor, with a wiggly wearer who has long nails and hairy feet…), but after I took him outside and he realized it wouldn’t hurt as much to walk in the snow when he was wearing them, he was much more willing to wear them the next few times we went out. He actually pranced through the park, and it was really cute. At least someone was enjoying being outside…

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1 Response to My dog wears balloons on his feet.

  1. seashell says:

    How cute! I may need to try those for my dog. She loves playing in the snow o much that I have to force her to come indoors.

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