NYC Bucket list #1- The Museum of Sex

As you probably know, I have a list of New York things I want to do at some point while I live here. Today, Andy and I decided to do one of them- The Museum of Sex. A few months ago, I bought two tickets for half price on Groupon (normally they’re $18 each, but I got them for $9 each. Score!). When Lauren was here a few months ago, we went to the gift shop and looked around, but this was my first time to see the actual museum.

It was…educational.

First off, it was really crowded. Possibly because about 700 people bought the Groupon, and it expires on Wednesday. The Museum was a lot bigger than it looked. The first floor had an exhibit called “Action! Sex and the Moving Image.” It showed some of the earliest depictions of sex in the film industry and talked about how regulation has evolved. There were two rooms to this exhibit, and they covered everything from the black and white silent films to celebrity porn. Also, lots of clips from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

The second floor started with the permanent collection. It was mostly artistic nude photos. They also had some of the earliest versions of vibrators and medical gynecological equipment. I learned that vibrators were originally used by doctors on patients with anxiety to calm them down. Shortly after that, Sears Roebuck sold them in catalogs as “Beauty Enhancers.” The exhibit also had “Real Life” dolls, which were sort of creepy.

The next room at the second floor was cool. It was an exhibit called “Comics Stripped,” and it was all about sex in cartoons/comics. They had a huge reproduction of a very disturbing drawing of many Disney characters (I’m not going to link to it, because I can’t remember the artist’s name, and googling “Disney Porn” brought a lot of websites I really didn’t need or want to see…). They also had a creepy cartoon called “Red Hot Riding Hood” that was actually shown on Merry Melodies. They also had a whole section about Hentai.

The top floor of the Museum of Sex was called “The Sex Lives of Animals,” and it was FASCINATING. A long time ago, I had read somewhere that dolphins were the only animals that had sex for pleasure. Not true. There were lots of pictures and videos showing some pretty surprising things. I was especially shocked by what the Bonobo monkeys were doing (let’s just say, they’re very busy, and don’t really care much about the gender of their partners).

After going through the Museum, we went downstairs to the “OralFix Aphrodisiac Cafe,” but they only had drinks and desserts, and we wanted lunch. We went up to the gift shop and looked around for a while, and left with a magnet:

Overall, it was a fun trip. If you go, check their website, because they usually have coupons for the tickets.

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