Doing Christmas Right This Time

Sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while. [insert lame excuses about being busy due to the holidays here].

So, to pick up where I left off, I finished the sugar detox somewhat uneventfully. It was challenging, but I survived. Seeing how much sugar I normally consume was eye-opening. I’m definitely going to be more aware about how much sugar I eat. But I’m also not going to have salads/scrambled eggs for every meal [insert Frasier theme song here].

I’m in Indiana for the holidays still. We flew out here on  Wednesday, Dec 22. I had a lovely Christmas with my family in southern Indiana, and then we headed up to Muncie so spend some time with Andy’s family. Everyone in both of our families did a fantastic job with Christmas shopping/gift-giving. Having people actually utilize an Amazon wish list makes a huge difference! I wish others would follow suit, because that would make shopping much easier. Everyone seemed to like their “I ❤ NY” shirts. We spent part of Christmas Eve in a hot tub in the snow. Weird, but fun.

We’re peppering in some time with friends this week too. It’s been nice. We’ve had minimal snow. We spent some time with Jarrod and Amanda on Sunday night (and by time, I mean we were up super late talking and ended up spending the night on their couch), and then yesterday Sarah drove up from Indy to get me, and we ate at Yats (YUM!), then walked around the malls. It was great just hanging out and talking. We still talk on the phone and online fairly regularly, but in-person time is always good. 🙂 Afterward, I met up with Andy and Cristella and saw The King’s Speech at my favorite movie theatre (Keystone Landmark Arts). I finally found out the brand/flavor of tea that I love there, and found out that I can order it online. I have two boxes of Mighty Leaf White Orchard tea on the way now. 🙂

We’re driving back to blizzard-filled NYC on Thursday with Kris and Erin. From what I’ve heard, getting around the city is a major challenge right now. I’m glad we’re here and won’t have to deal with it for a few days. I’ve been working from home today (and will tomorrow as well), and I’m glad that I’m able to do that- and would be able to do that if I were in NYC right now too.

It’s really weird having this much time away from my normal life. I’m getting a little antsy to get back. As with every year, precisely one hour after Christmas activities end, I started thinking about the New Year and the improvements I want to make in my life. That’ll be a different blog post.  I’m planning on spending this weekend organizing our apartment and making it more adult looking. I got a bunch of kitchen stuff and some art for Christmas, so that’ll be a start. I’m ready to get back to my life. I miss ballet a lot (it’s now been a week and a half since I’ve gone.).

For New Year’s, we’re not going to Times Square. I don’t think I could handle that unless I was going to an expensive INDOOR party. We’re going to the UCB party instead- we’re on the list. 🙂

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