If you give a girl a sugar-free cookie recipe while she’s on a sugar detox….

…She’ll spend a half hour trying to crack open a coconut. When it’s not even necessary.

So, Friday night, I had my health consultation with Chelsea. It was nice to chat with her, and I’m considering doing one of her health coaching plans (if I can afford it…) One of the recipes she had given us for the Sugar Ro-Sham-Bo was for a “healthy” cookie. She had made them a few days before my consultation, and she let me try one. It was delicious! It’s oatmeal, banana, coconut, and cinnamon (and a few other ingredients…). It actually resembles an oatmeal cookie, and has no refined sugar!

I decided to try to make them tonight. The only bags of coconut at my grocery store had sugar in them, so I decided to just buy a coconut and put it through the food processor. That would be healthier, right? How hard could it be?


Seriously, I’m not even exaggerating! The coconut was so hard to open! Andy did a great job of using a flathead screwdriver as a chisel to pry it open (after drilling a few holes into it and trying to saw it open). And he doesn’t even LIKE coconut! His only request was that I empty them out completely so he can have them to bang together Monty Python style. Boys.

The cookies turned out fantastic! I’m really excited to have a nice healthy snack that still feels like a treat.

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2 Responses to If you give a girl a sugar-free cookie recipe while she’s on a sugar detox….

  1. Stephanie says:

    Lol at the series of attempts to crack it! You just need a machete to whack it a few good times. What you have right there is a mature coconut that has been stripped already. You can tell by the thick layer of meat. Fresh ones from the tree have an additional 1″ layer on top that is green. I thought it was quite interesting so I thought I’d share 🙂 anyhow- I want that recipe! I started a diet, and it’s going well so far!

    • Kristin says:

      Thanks for letting me know! That makes me feel a little better. Are there any tricks for picking them out at the grocery store?

      Send me your email address, and I’ll send you the recipe! 🙂 They were pretty good!

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