Made it through Day 1!

I’ve survived the first 24 hours of my sugar detox! (I technically started around 10 last night, after eating a cupcake and some chips ahoy). It’s been a lot better than I thought it would be!

As usual, I didn’t eat breakfast. I hardly ever do, despite how much I love breakfast food. Instead,  had my normal 3 cups of Earl Grey before noon, and then two more after lunch.

Mmmm, lunch. Today, I went to a place called Pump Energy. It was similar to most other salad shops in NYC, but this one had more natural ingredient options. (In case anyone doesn’t know, there are many, many chains of restaurants here that have build-your-own salad options, and they’re all pretty amazing. Some of them just have a flat rate, and some charge by weight or number of ingredients added. It’s a perfect go-to lunch! )The price was pretty standard for most decent/quick lunches in Manhattan- around $9.

I had a salad that consisted of: Spinach leaves, 12-hr Marinated Turkey (o.m.g. YUM), cooked sweet potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, cucumbers with dill, and then as a dressing greek yogurt with dill. It was AMAZING, and very filling!

Normally, throughout the afternoon early in the week, I’ll snack on mini Reese’s and Snickers all afternoon, and have one banana (because this is what we have at work on Mondays when our FreshDirect order comes in…). Today, I only had the banana, and the two cups of tea. I think part of why I always got up for chocolate all day long was because I just wanted to get out of my seat and walk around for a little bit. It doesn’t help that the candy, bathroom, kitchen, and water cooler are all right by my desk, so it’s kind of awkward to get up and stop and chat with someone on the way to any of those.

After work, I picked up a ton of healthy foods at the grocery store- pretty much a ton of vegetables, greek yogurt, and bacon. For dinner, I made the bacon, fried potatoes with sauteed mushrooms and onions, and scrambled eggs with spinach, grape tomatoes, and swiss cheese. Yum again! I made some for Andy too, but he fell asleep halfway through eating it. He pulled an all-nighter last night, and then had to be at a shoot at 7 (when his alarm went off at 5:30, he was still at high computer editing). The good news is, he’s been getting a lot of freelance work lately (yay!). Anyway, so his leftovers will probably be my breakfast tomorrow.

I don’t want to end up eating lunch at the same restaurant every day for two weeks, so I’m trying out some of the recipes Chelsea sent, and also making some healthy snacks that I can bring in to the office. I’m going to try to make them the night before, because I’m usually rushed in the morning and barely have time to take Tinker out, let alone make a meal.

Here’s what I made:

Minty Fresh Cucumber salad for lunch tomorrow (cucumber, mint, green apple, lemon juice, and salt):

Greek yogurt with raspberries and blueberries as breakfast/snack:

(I’m going to try not to do two weeks of food porn here, unless that’s what people want to see…. thoughts?) Also, if anyone reading this has suggestions for other healthy, sugar-free snacks, I’d love to hear them!

And just for fun, Tinker saw me taking pictures and just started posing. He wanted to tell everyone that he didn’t eat any of the bacon grease from dinner. He also wanted to show off how well he blends in with our kitchen floor:

EDIT: It’s an hour later, and the hunger has hit. Normally, I would go for some Pringles, regular chips, or cookies. Instead, I had the Andy’s leftover eggs from dinner, and then some raspberries. Trying to distract myself. Tomorrow I’m making sweet potato chips, so hopefully I’ll have a yummy substitute for my normal go-to snacks.

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1 Response to Made it through Day 1!

  1. Marianne says:

    Can you have oatmeal and whole grains.
    Keep the ” food porn pictures” coming. I love that you are doing this. You don’t need to lose weight, but healthier eating is a great way to go. I highly recommend changing to green tea. Tazo makes a great one called -Zen. Full of antioxidants and available at Starbucks. I’m doing this too! You have inspired me.

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