Oh, sugar, sugar detox

Since I moved here, I’ve developed a really unhealthy relationship with sugar. There are amazing cupcake stores all over the city, Starbucks on every corner, and candy jars at work that are replenished every few days. On Friday afternoons at work, it’s not uncommon for a cup of champagne, wine, or beer to just appear on my desk around 4:30.

I’ve fallen into the habit of “I’ve had a stressful day. I deserve a cupcake” or “I got out of bed this morning, and that was hard because it’s cold, so I deserve a salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks.”

In short, I consume a lot of sugar emotionally. While cooking at home rarely involves processed foods out of a box (except for the occasional hamburger helper, Andy’s specialty), I could definitely stand to improve my eating habits. I haven’t gained weight since I’ve moved here, but there’s definitely a seemingly permanent bit of flab on my stomach I’d like to rid myself of permanently. Especially since I spend 1.5-3 hours a week in a leotard surrounded by very tiny ballerinas.

Chelsea, a friend from my Indiana high school who now works as a holistic health coach in New York is hosting a two-week “Sugar Ro-Sham-Bo!” sugar detox program. (I googled “Ro-Sham-Bo,” and it has to do with the concept of paper-scissors-rock. I think.).

The program starts Monday, and I’m going to do that. We’re cutting out all refined and artificial sugars. That means no white flour, no rice, no sugar, no pasta, no breakfast cereals, no fast food, no spaghetti sauce, no alcohol, no honey…and more. Basically, anything that has an ingredient ending in -ose or -ol.

I’m allowed to eat vegetables, green fruits (thank goodness!), greek yogurt, and meats. Luckily, my daily 4 cups of Earl Grey are okay (I don’t normally put any sugar in them). I’ll try to cut back on the tea addiction some other time.

This sugar detox is going to go December 6-19. So I’ll still be able to enjoy food when I’m home for Christmas. But I have several Christmas parties (including my work one) that will fall during that time.

The trade-off is, it’s supposed to leave me feeling energized and focused. It’ll kick-start weight loss, and clear up my skin. I had the teleclass about it today, and Chelsea’s going to email some recipes for things we can eat (there are about 20 of us doing the program). We learned about how a lot of sugar cravings are rooting in being deprived of something emotionally, so I’m taking this as an opportunity to do other things that make me feel good- a manicure, watching favorite movies, cuddling with Tinker and Andy, and going back to the twice a week plan with ballet. Add cheery Christmas music/decorations to the list, and I think it’s actually going to be…dare I say it… fun!

So, wish me luck! And don’t offer me any cupcakes.

If you want to learn more about Chelsea’s programs, go here.

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2 Responses to Oh, sugar, sugar detox

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been reading about your sugar detox, and I think I want to join in too. My gym membership ends this year and I still have weight that needs to go.

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