Haul out the holly! Put up the tree before my spirit falls again!

Tonight was the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center. I’ve been looking forward to this for about a year (at least), maybe more.  And by a year, I really mean most of my life. We all know about my eternal admiration for NBC and all things related. We all know that I love Rockefeller Center. Add Christmas decorations and music into the mix, and we’ve got a perfect evening on our hands. Which is excellent, because I need a little Christmas. Right this very minute.* It’s been raining all day. But I’ve just been pretending that it’s actually snow.

It hasn’t snowed a single flurry, but Santa, dear, we’re in a hurry.*

So, we got to Rockefeller center around 6:15.  The roads in the 6 blocks surrounding the area were blocked off in such a way that we couldn’t cross the street to get to Rockefeller Center at any of the roads near it. Instead, we had to take the scenic route through the half a million people who were all doing the same thing. We ended up at the South side of 30 rock (right by the Today show area), but just far enough back that we had no view of the tree. Instead, they had a huge TV screen set up to broadcast the show.

This would have been fine, had it actually showed everything. It only showed the musical performances (which were okay- not amazing, but not terrible), so we didn’t get to see any of the stuff with Al Roker. They also made a huge mistake- none of the THOUSANDS of people who didn’t have a direct view of the tree got to see the actual lighting part! They just had the logo up on the screen. That part was kind of disappointing.

After the actual lighting. the police were trying to herd us further away from the tree (meaning we wouldn’t get to see it at all). That didn’t go over so well, and everyone just kind of pushed their way through.

We were able to get some nice pictures though. My goal for next year is to make friends with someone who can get us into one of the parties in one of the surrounding buildings.

Here are some of my pictures from tonight:

Radio City Music Hall- on the detour

A block behind the tree, before it was lit

The people BEHIND us. None of us could actually see the tree.

This was what we saw during the actual lighting part of the show. Slightly disappointing.

When we finally got to see the tree, the police officers were trying to send everyone away. They at least let us all take some pictures first.

Our first New York Christmas 🙂

*In other news, I’m totally obsessed with the Glee version of “We need a little Christmas,” and I’ve been listening to it all day.  It’s no Muppet Family Christmas version, but it’s capturing how I feel today.

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