Running as fast as I can

Well not really running, per se. The NYC marathon is going on right now, and I’m sitting on my couch in my pajamas. Despite how much my genes tried, I don’t run. I dance. I have my 8th class this afternoon, but only one more week left. I missed one a few weeks ago when I was sick, so I have to somehow cram in 3 ballet classes this week. I’m still loving the classes, and trying to figure out how I can swing going twice a week after my groupon is up.

So, I haven’t talked about my job on here in a while. I’ve been there a little more than two months now, and it’s evolved a ton.  For one, my original boss left the company and my whole department was merged with marketing. I really like my new boss, and how my actual job is evolving. I’m doing more email marketing and writing content. The sales part of my job is starting to fade away a little bit, and I’m completely okay with that.

We moved into a new office last weekend (because every single company I’ve had any contact with since coming to New York is moving offices this year), and I love it. It’s in Union Square, and much bigger/nicer than the old office. I actually helped with the move over the weekend, and it was kind of fun. I’m currently the mayor of our office on Foursquare, but it’s a pretty fierce competition- now it pretty much changes every day based on whoever gets in to the office first.

Not much to report other than that. It’s definitely fall in New York, which is gorgeous. I definitely prefer the colder weather over July’s unbearable heat. Andy and I have made our plans to go visit Indiana for Christmas, and it was kind of an ordeal just trying to figure out the cheapest way to do that. I’m looking forward to seeing New York all dressed up for the holidays. I haven’t seen that yet. Actually, this week marks 1) The anniversary of our first visit to New York and 2) I’ve officially lived here for 6 months! It feels like a lot longer.  I’m fairly sure that it will be a lot longer.

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