The tracksuits are old, and the hoodie’s way too moody

Well, hello fall. We’ve officially had our air conditioner off for a few days (but it’s still in our window.) It’s been gross and rainy for the past week or so, but it’s been a perfect excuse to bust out my fall clothes.


Yeah, about that… I need new fall clothes. I tried going shopping a few Saturdays ago, and all I came back with were Magnolia cupcakes. I don’t know when it happened exactly, but I don’t really enjoy shopping anymore. It’s quite a shame considering I live in a prime spot for shopping. I still end up going to the same places I would have in Indy (Gap, Banana Republic, H&M), but here I get to pick from a number of cool areas. I usually go to 34th street or Rockefeller Center. They all have pretty much the same stores. I don’t really have the budget for Bloombingdale’s or Sak’s just yet.

I don’t know why, but I’m extremely picky when shopping. I’ll spend way too much time debating whether I should purchase anything, then carry it around the store for an hour, then decide against it. If the item in question is expensive, I make myself think of at least 4 outfits/occasions where I could wear it before  even consider trying it on. So basically, I don’t buy clothes all that often. I take really good care of them, to a point where I look in my closet and realize I still actively wear things that I’ve had for 7 years. Yeah, that’s not working out so well.

This needs to change immediately.

For one, I live in a city where style matters a little more. A lot of the things I wore to work before I moved here were admittedly kind of frumpy (but it didn’t matter, because outside of my department of young awesome marketing people, no one really dressed all that well). The things I wore that some people considered too much (tall black stiletto boots with a skirt and  leggings) are the norm here. I don’t mind stepping it up a notch at all; I just have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve been reading magazines more actively, but I think what I really need is someone to go shopping with me (or better yet, FOR me) and just tell me what to buy. As it is, I’ve only seemed to have luck shopping online.

It doesn’t really help that I have the most awesome/relaxed work dress code ever. There aren’t really any restrictions that would hinder me (other than a FREEZING office). Jeans and leggings are okay. So are skirts. There are only 7 girls who work there now, so there isn’t really a set standard for us. I’m trying to find a balance between being comfortable and cute, but not wearing anything that would draw too much attention (I do work with 40 guys…).

I didn’t think fashion would be this much of a challenge. Or that I’d care. I organized our tiny, tiny closet over the weekend and put away my summer clothes. I’m excited to give myself a bit of a makeover; I just need to figure out how.

Other news:
1. I didn’t sign up for my NYU class in time, and the THREE classes I was interested in were all full. So, no publishing classes this fall. I actually don’t mind. I need to save up money for a few months so I don’t have to keep putting this classes on my credit card.

2. I will, however, start ballet soon. I’m going to call and schedule my first class for sometime next week. I cannot wait to go to a dance shoe store. I love how they smell.

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2 Responses to The tracksuits are old, and the hoodie’s way too moody

  1. estelle says:

    Kristin! I am loving your blog. I found it yesterday when the Rockefeller Tree Lighting retweeted your blog entry about the event. I’m from the tri-state area (actually just moved to Long Island from Jersey a year ago) and I work in the city. It is really hard to keep up with the pressures of how people dress here. In college, I didn’t care. I wore jeans and hoodies all the time but when I first started working I went completely nuts. Now, I shop a lot at The Loft (have you checked it out? They have TONS of sales and a nice cross of the casual/girlie look, I think you are going for.) and the Gap. Sometimes Target has some cute things… but Loft is my go-to. I love all the stuff you are doing around the city – the possible classes and ballet! Sounds so much fun! It’s inspiring, and I hope when I’m done wedding planning, I will be more adventurous as well!

    Thanks again for the great reads!

    • Kristin says:

      Aw, thanks!

      I’m still trying to figure out what to wear here. I’ve been to Loft before, but not for a while. I should check it out again.

      I’m loving my ballet classes a lot! I’d definitely recommend them. Good luck with your wedding planning! When’s the big day?

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