Guest Post from Lauren Trisler!

(Note from Kristin: A few weeks ago, my friend Lauren visited for a week. She’s a photographer, so obviously she loved it here and wants to move here to take lots of pictures. She wrote a guest post and put some of her pictures from her trip in a collage. You should check out her other photography and become a fan of it on Facebook.)

By Lauren
Right now, I am multitasking. I am currently thinking about writing a cover letter to be sent to a few portrait studios, you know, to give me “the edge.” I am trying to sort through my thoughts for this guest blog post (thanks, Kristin!), and trying to keep thoughts of being in New York City out of my mind.

You see, all I’ve done since landing back home in Indianapolis on September 8, is
multitask. I am constantly daydreaming about what I would be doing right this
second if I was there now. I usually end up creating ways I can get back to NYC as soon as possible.

This leads me to my first task mentioned above. I need money. I am a photographer; I lack funds most days (most days = everyday). If I save enough for around one year (gasp! too far away), I may be able to pay for an apartment deposit by the time I turn 26 (my goal move-in date).

This next year is going to try my patience like none other. I feel like I’ve wasted the past couple of years after college graduation just sitting around. Luckily, this gave me time to figure out life and realize where the next part of my journey down this crazy road called Life will lead. I’ve been given incredible parents who graciously let me live at home, save a lack of money, and eat their food. Great people, Jeff and Sharon. I have awesome friends, who hate the fact I’ll be leaving them, but understand (I think) where I’m coming from.

You see, I took this trip not only to meet the love-of-my-life Zach Braff
(accomplished!), visit the sites (…my feet were killing me), and visit grad schools
(NY’s got some fancy-schmancy schools). I took it to see if it’s the nameless city in the backdrop of my dreams. I was horrified that it wouldn’t fit because….well, then what? Square one? No. I’m ready to put things into place. Ready for my life to move on, for my career to start and flourish. I’m just ready for my dreams and reality to finally share the same images.

I guess I’m just going to have to continue this multitasking gig of mine because
I can’t stop wondering where the Subway entrances would be around town.
Imagining my lovely car, Rosie, is a train just really doesn’t cut it. It just isn’t the
same. Although, I’m sure I get up to the same speeds on the interstate here. Heh.

I’m having trouble writing this cover letter; dang you, clouded mind! Like, what if I get an interview and they ask why I want this position? “Well sir, because I want to be somewhere else,” will not get me a job. Heck, I can always tell a different truth, “Well sir, I love photography and I want to work on my portrait skills,” and then come up with an awesome excuse in early September 2011, “I’m moving to NYC. Peace out, cub scout!” Yeah. That works.

I guess I’m just going to have to get used to this clouded mind. At least it’s a good

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