Vote for Andy!!

You’re probably familiar with my writing by now, but did you know that I’ve also dabbled in costume construction and voice acting? (I minored in technical theatre in college, specifically in costuming).

Anyway, one of the perks of dating a filmmaker is the opportunity to participate in special projects. Andy recently made a spec commercial for Current TV’s  VCam program. Basically, filmmakers are given a product and criteria, and they make a commercial for the product. The commercials are uploaded on the Current website, and people can vote for their favorites. The winners get bought by the advertiser and actually aired on TV!!!

Andy just made one for the Samsung Galaxy S, a really cool smart phone. I did the voiceover work and made a costume that’s shown at the end of the commercial. Tinker also has a cameo. Check out the video, and please vote it up! You can sign in with Facebook or Twitter connect on the website (click on the  green “up” arrow on the right of the page). Andy and I would both really appreciate if you voted for his video! 🙂

Vote for Andy’s VCam Here!
(Disclaimer: You’ll have to watch another ad before you get to Andy’s commercial. Sorry. Open up another tab and check your Facebook or something while you’re waiting for his ad to start).

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