Would you even read it if you weren’t you?

There have been a few anniversaries the past few weeks that I haven’t mentioned on here. First, the anniversary of this blog! I started it last year on Sept. 2. No one read it at that point (largely because I didn’t tell anyone about it for a while). Now, there are some readers. On my stats page for WordPress, I can see where they came from (whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or somewhere else I’ve posted the link), but I can’t see who’s reading.  I only know based on when people mention something in it to me. A lot of people make comments to my posts on Facebook or Twitter, and I love the feedback! And I love blogging (but more about that in a few paragraphs…)

Another recent anniversary is September 11th. It was weird watching the memorial ceremonies on TV and actually having a context for the part of town Ground Zero is in. We thought about going there to see everything they had going on and glare at the mosque protesters (not to get too political here, but I am of the personal belief that America was founded on religious tolerance…), but didn’t get up early enough. I think I might have felt out of place.  As much as every American was affected by it, I can’t even imagine what it was like for people who lived here and were directly affected.

I was curious about my state of mind on September 11, 2001, so I went back to my Livejournal from back then. You know, that early version of a blog before we had Facebook and other ways to keep up with our friends.  Apparently, I was in a New York state of mind. Here’s an excerpt from my September 12 entry (keep in mind, I was 17, a junior in high school, and at a brand new school. I apologize in advance for the run-on sentences/funny delusions):

“Within the past 48 hours, a lot of my dreams have literally collapsed. I have my murals of the old New York skyline (it sounds so weird saying that…) in my room. Every day for the past few years I’ve thought about living in New York and how wonderful it will be. Now I’m scared to go. What if this happened again, and they went for Broadway, or Rockefeller Plaza, or NYU? (These are the places I plan on spending the most time). Whoever did this has robbed everyone in the country of our dreams, freedom, and sense of safety. And there’s nothing we can do about it. I wanted to donate blood, but I can’t because I’m JUST barely over 110 lbs (I lost some weight when I was in the hospital), and also the reason I was in the hospital was for blood loss, I really can’t lose any blood, and it probably wouldn’t be of any use to them anyway since it’s all iron-deficient. All we can do is sit in horror and watch the TV, waiting for it to end and for the numbers, and for answers to who would do something like this, and if we’re going to start a war.

My New York trip in January. I don’t even know if it’s still going to happen. Even if it does, we won’t get to see the Twin Towers, which I really wanted to see. But if the trip were happening this weekend- EVERYTHING that we were going to do is either closed, collapsed, or buried.

I’m listening to the news right now, and they’re saying ANOTHER building is about to collapse. What is that now, four!?!? This is insane. I hope there is still some of New York LEFT if I get to go on my trip.

Finally- My trip to Chicago next friday. By then they’ll probably have the planes running again. What if these people decide to make another move, and go for Chicago, say, maybe the Sears Tower. Or maybe they’ll pass by and see this big ole arena that is filled with people and think, “Hmm, maybe we can hit the sears tower so it falls over and lands on this arena, then it’ll be an even bigger mess!!!” And then there goes Weezer and all their fans in the Chicago/Michigan/Illinois/Indiana area. And all the people who were in the Sears tower. I’m really paranoid. I hope this doesnt happen. I want to just make it all go away, but I know it won’t.”

(Yes, I did think that the Weezer concert would be a terrorist target. I think at that point, everyone thought anything could be a target. Sidenote- the new Weezer album, Hurley, dropped today, and of course I bought it. Some things never change.)

This week in Indianapolis is the awesome conference I went to last year.  I’m a little bummed that I’m not there, but I’m happy to be where I am. Anyway, part of the evening entertainment was a performance by Second City. One of the sketches was a HILARIOUS song about blogs, and today I finally found the lyrics and a link to an MP3. Enjoy. (The sound quality’s not great, but the song’s funny).

So, back to blogs. I like them. I’m developing one for my job, so I’ll be writing even more. The fall semester for my NYU classes starts soon, and I’m going to take a class on blogging. It’ll be on Wednesday nights. If I start ballet in October (which is still the plan), I’ll have those classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ll be really busy, but I honestly can’t wait.

In other news, I get my first paycheck tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Five weeks without an income (and VERY limited savings) is decidedly a bad idea. I’m going to to have to get back on a credit card repayment plan, but I’ve worked out a very reasonable budget that still allows some fun, if I ever have time for it….

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2 Responses to Would you even read it if you weren’t you?

  1. Jane Sartor says:

    Keep up the good writing! I’ve really enjoyed them, it makes me feel like I am living in NYC.

  2. Jess says:

    Very interesting, Kris, thanks for sharing! I’m so glad to share your experiences as you make your dream come true…all these years later! 🙂

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