Bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire

I just got back from Vegas after six long days and 5 plane rides.  I had a great time! It was awesome seeing Sarah, Rob, and Rich and my family out there.

Getting there, however, was dramatic. The three hour delay at Laguardia on my flight out was brutal. There were electrical problems with the plane ahead of mine, and so those people got my plane. We all eventually left 3 hours later, and ended up getting $95 vouchers for our trouble. Oh, and Tinker was with me. He traveled pretty well, but he’ll be worn out for a while. Both days of flying were 8+ hours, and that’s definitely too much (for both of us…)

I’m completely exhausted and don’t feel like doing an in-depth report on the trip, but here are a few highlights (in no particular order…if you want to figure out the order, look at my foursquare check-ins on my twitter feed.):

When I got there….

  • Went to Circus Circus with friends. It was creepy and old.
  • Rooftop pool. We went there just about every day, and it was AWESOME.  Great view, in the sun, water wasn’t too hot or too cold. I’m actually not ghostly white. More like an egg cru.
  • Playing “Hot Shot Blazing Sevens” penny slots. We did this several times through the trip. It was just a typical slot machine, but it had a silly theme song when you got certain icons (which I seemed to get every other spin…). Sarah won a lot on it (I didn’t….)!
  • The buffet at Paris. Oh. Em. Gee. YUM! Totally worth the 45 minute wait/$27 cost. They had just about everything. There were actual French people in line behind us.
  • The shark reef/aquarium at Mandalay Bay. We got to pet stringrays!
  • I finally went up in the Stratosphere (which I had never done in my 15 visits to Las Vegas). It had a cool view of the city, and there was a crazy ride where people could literally jump off of it (from 109 feet). We didn’t do that.
  • We ended up taking a monorail between our hotel and the strip, which was nice when it was really hot. But on one of our trips back, the monorail just stopped at a stop, and the doors opened and closed about 6 times. We had to call the emergency number and have someone fix it!
  • Watching the fountains at the Bellagio. I’ve seen them more times than I can remember, but they’re always pretty and fun. They played different songs that I hadn’t heard with the fountains before (Viva Las Vegas and Proud to be an American), and it was really pretty because we were there right at dusk.

  • Walking around New York New York. I had been there before, but not since I’d seen actual New York. They’re not very alike. The casino could have done a better job with accuracy, but the pizza was good and the roller coaster was GREAT!

  • Madame Tussaud’s. I had been to the Ripley’s Palace of Wax, but Madame Tussaud’s was wayyy better. We had a lot of fun taking pictures with celebrities.

(Elvis photo courtesy of Sarah, because I’m
a genius who forgot her camera that day…)

  • Going to a yummy sushi dinner with my mom and Sarah. It was cool to spend time with both of them at once
  • Going shopping with my Mom. We went to our favorite restaurant that we go to every time I visit, and it was delicious as usual. My mom bought me some cute clothes. I now own jeggings.
  • Going to dinner with mom/grandma/cousin/uncle on my last night.

All in all, it was a great trip! I stayed within my budget. I didn’t gamble TOO much, and when I did, it was all on penny machines, so I made my money last a lot longer.  I’m definitely ready to get my life back to normal, or at least define what normal is for my life. I feel like I haven’t worked in a really long time, even though it’s only been about two and a half weeks.

Viva Las Vegas!

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