I’ve been sans job for about a week now, and things are actually going really well. I’ve crossed several things off of my list of projects (and now most of the things left are the really daunting, big things – like going to Ikea and getting/building a shelf for Andy’s records, or getting a draft of my book ready to submit to literary agents. Whoa.). I’ve made jam (which turned out to be delicious. It didn’t set as well as I would have liked, but once I opened a jar and stirred the jam, it was fine), sorted out some healthcare stuff (like getting a prescription transferred here and figuring out what’s going on with my stupid temporary healthcare), and cleaned my Coach bags.

I’ve read 3/4 of a book on my Kindle (Orange is the New Black, by Piper Kerman.  Andy’s sister Cristella recommended it to me, and it’s great. It’s about a women who had to spend a year in prison for being an accomplice to a drug crime in her early 20s, who had already totally reformed her life, but ended up having to go to jail for a year in her mid 30s. It’s  a true story, and really interesting.)

I restarted my scarf that I’m knitting (again). The lace pattern involved more counting than I really wanted to do  for a scarf, especially since I’d only be working on small amounts at a time. I made up a simpler pattern, and it’s coming along.

And, of course, I’ve been applying for jobs. I’ve applied for every entry-mid level marketing/pr job that’s open at the big six publishing houses, and haven’t heard anything back yet. The NYU and Columbia summer publishing classes that I was looking into last year just finished, so there’s a TON of competition for all of those jobs right now, and from people who are more willing to work for entry-level salaries than I am. I also applied for a few non-publishing jobs I found on Craigslist. I had an interview for one of them on Friday, but it’s definitely something I’m not going to pursue (I’ll tell you the story if you want to hear it, but it doesn’t need to be on here).

I got a call from a recruiter about a job that sounds absolutely perfect. It’s not in publishing, but it draws on my love of e-mail marketing and teaching others how to do e-mail marketing. I had a phone interview on Friday morning, and have three in-person interviews tomorrow afternoon. I’m really excited about it. The job and company sound amazing, and I really hope it works out. They even use ExactTarget, so I feel like I’d be able to hit the ground running.

I leave for Las Vegas Wednesday night. I can’t wait!! I really need to do laundry so I have clothes to wear, but other than that, I’m ready. Tinker’s all groomed and cute. My purse is clean and new-looking. I’m holding off on getting a pedicure so I can get one with Sarah when we’re there. I’ve decided not to bring my laptop on the trip. Tinker’s going to be my carry-on, and I’ll just bring my kindle and iPod in my purse for plane entertainment. Luckily with Southwest, I can check a bag for free, so that’ll help. I hope Tinker is tolerable, because this is going to be a long trip.

It’ll be really great to see my friends and my mom. I miss them. A lot. We’re going to have an awesome trip. I’m not going to be able to spend very much money, but I think we’ll still have fun. We’re going to the Hoover Dam on Thursday. Even though this will be my 15th trip to Las Vegas, it will be my first time going to the Hoover Dam. I’m looking forward to seeing something new- and taking some Dam pictures. I’ll probably still  play some blackjack at a table, but it’s definitely not going to be the primary activity of my trip.

Now I just want to watch Vegas Vacation and the Hangover. 🙂

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