My first job out of college was a marketing internship at Jarden Home Brands. While that name may not ring a bell for many people, the products might- Ball and Kerr Jars, Diamond brand toothpicks, plastic cutlery, and matches (I’m sure everyone reading this has at least one Jarden product in their kitchen). Most of you know I went to Ball State University, which was named after the Ball family, of -you guessed it- Ball Jars.

Anyway, on the first day of training at this internship, we were all taken to the kitchen downstairs to learn how to can vegetables and jam. Ever since then, I’ve canned something every summer. I’ve made pickles, salsa, marinara sauce, and LOTS of strawberry jam. When I worked at UWCI, I ended up making many, many batches of jam as a gift for the campaign cabinet meeting.

Homemade jam is delicious. It has an obscene amount of sugar, but only four ingredients (depending on what kind you are making- strawberry just uses strawberries, lemon juice, pectin, and sugar). Last night I decided to make some strawberry jam.

Apparently, no one in New York City is into canning, because pectin/other canning supplies are impossible to find. I used to go to Meijer, Walmat or Target, but those aren’t really options. There are a few Targets here, but it would be at least an hour long trip, and they might not even carry the products. Luckily, I had one box of pectin with my canning supplies, so I was able to make a batch of jam (eight jars!).

It’s still cooling now. I know the jars sealed, but I’m not positive the jam set. That happens sometimes, especially when you alter the recipe. I had to do 3/4 of the recipe because I didn’t have enough strawberries, so that may have hurt it. If it doesn’t set, I can either re-make it (by adding sugar and lemon), or I can just use it as a yummy waffle/ice cream topping. I’m better at pickles and marinara sauce, so maybe I’ll try one of those next. It’s kind of nice to have time to do my hobbies like this. I’m going to bake cookies this afternoon too!

In other news, Tinker got a haircut yesterday. Cute, huh?

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2 Responses to Jam!

  1. Jody Pope says:

    Your jam is delicious and was a big hit at the campaign cabinet meeting. Didn’t you end up making two batches because the first one didn’t work out?- That was definitely above and beyond the call of duty.

  2. Kristin says:

    Aw, thanks! Yes, I did make two batches (more than two- a batch has 8 jars). I’m starting to think I should stick to pickles and salsa instead.

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