Never thought I’d be on a boat…

Today we went to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. It was amazing. I had never seen the Statue of Liberty in person, and I’ve always wanted to see it.

Andy and I couldn’t stop taking pictures the whole time. It was a gorgeous day, and the statue was breathtaking. I know everyone’s seen it in pictures/movies/TV shows, but being there in person was really cool. We didn’t go up in the crown because tickets had sold out, but that’s okay.

We bought tickets ahead of time online for the 2:00 ferry departure at 12:45. After rushing like crazy, we got to Battery Park around 2:04. We ran through the park because we were worried that we were going to miss it.

It turns out, by “2:00,” they meant “probably sometime between 2 and 3, depending on the line.” The line to get on the ferry and through security was like a combination of our Astoria Pool experience and going through airport security, only in the sun.  Yuck.

But once we finally got on the ferry (the one that left at 2:55), we had a great view:

When we got to Liberty Island, we walked around and took a ton of pictures. Andy took a lot more than I did, and they’re great (he’s editing now, but I’ll add a link when he posts them online).

I had wanted some cool pictures of us there, but this is all I could get:

(This was pretty much the view I had of Andy most of the day. This is pretty common when we go somewhere cool.)

After we had taken pictures of the Statue of Liberty from every possible angle, we got back on the ferry and headed over to Ellis Island. The first thing we did was watch a short documentary about Ellis Island, and it was really interesting. They had voiceover interviews from immigrants, and a lot of the things they were saying about wanting to live in America were things that I had felt about wanting to live in New York. Opportunity. A better life. Possibility.

After the movie, we didn’t have much time left (it was 5:15 by this time, and the last ferry left at 6:30). We walked around an exhibit with pictures/quotes/artifacts, and it  was really interesting. When we were on the 2nd floor, which is where they had registered immigrants so long ago, we saw the Statue of Liberty through the window, so obviously we had to get more pictures.

We got back on the ferry and headed over to Battery Park, where we bought another NYC picture from a street vendor (We’ve bought several. They’re usually super cheap, and pretty.)

We got back on the train, and made a stop at Magnolia Bakery in Rockefeller Center (YUM!).  Then Andy had to  go feed our friends’ cats, and I went to the grocery store to get dinner. While I was waiting for my train, I saw my 2nd and 3rd rats on subway tracks. (The first was last weekend). Rat #2 was HUGE, and rat #3 was smallish- about hamster sized. I was trying to take a picture of them for the blog, and then the huge rat attacked the small rat, killed it, and then ate a little bit and dragged it off. I have a pretty gross (although blurry/dark) picture of it, but I’m not going to post it, because I’m sure no one wants to see that..

Basically, it was a very New York day, if a little touristy. We decided we’re going to try to do two touristy things a month until we’ve done everything we want to, while we’re still new enough to the city for it not to be embarrassing. We definitely have the transportation museum on the list, but if anyone has any suggestions or things you’d like to read about here, please comment them on here!

Yeah, New York!

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