A day in the park

Today was the first Saturday that we haven’t had to spend moving or unpacking. It was gorgeous outside, so we decided to take Tinker to Central Park. Since we don’t live in Manhattan, this required a ride on the subway. Dogs are allowed on the subway, but they have to be contained in something. Since we didn’t want to carry his traveling case around the park, we went for this option:

We packed a blanket, some food for him, and a water bottle (and a magazine that was in the mailbox when we were leaving! Score!).  It was pretty hot outside, and Tinker’s probably going to need another haircut this summer. Anyway, we made it to the subway, and he was surprisingly well behaved. He didn’t bark at all, but he did pant a lot since it was so hot.

We got to the park and walked around for a bit, until we found a nice place to set up camp. Andy went on a quest for hot dogs, and I chilled out on the grass with my hot dog. There were tons of people at the park, and it was lovely. Lots of people having picnics, playing sports, and just enjoying the beautiful day. (Note: the rest of these pictures were taken by Andy on his fancy camera. He spent the entire day shooting stuff, and got some really cool pictures/videos.)

(Yes, he’s wearing Doggles, and yes, he tolerated them for several minutes at a time. Several times.)
Andy got back, and we ate our hot dogs and just hung out on the blanket for a while. Then we walked all around the park, to lots of areas you’ve probably seen in movies (including the famous bike riding scene in The Great Muppet Caper.) Then we went to the fountain area, and there were tons of performers all over the place, including a tap-dancing, trumpet-playing mime, breakdancers, ballet dancers, roller blading ballet dancers, and musicians. This is pretty typical for New York (but that’s another post…), but it was really cool. But by this point, we had been at the park for a while, and it was HOT. Tinker didn’t look like he was enjoying himself very much, so we walked over to the pond. There were a few areas where people could sit on steps and put their feet in the water, and the last step was fully underwater.

Now, if any of you have seen Tinker at any of Indy Humane’s events, you’ll know that he likes sitting in water. So he did.

The water was kind of bright, so naturally we had to…

(You can’t see it here, but everyone around us was cooing over Tinker and taking his picture. He caused quite the stir. He was already famous in Indianapolis from the poster pooch contest, so now he’s working on New York. Obviously.)

And this is what he looked like for about 5 minutes, and then he was dry. It was fabulous!

We started to head out after the pond, but there was a piano in the middle of the park with a shirtless guy playing a beautiful waltz. The piano was part of Play Me, I’m Yours, and it was great. Shortly after, three women started doing a choreographed ballet dance to it. Andy went crazy with his camera for a while. Tinker got bored and started his new favorite hobby: chasing pigeons. (I don’t have any pictures, but Andy has some video)

All in all, it was a great day. We eventually made it home and cooked a yummy dinner (which happens just about every day here). Tinker went to sleep immediately and hasn’t really moved much since we got home. He’s exhausted, but he definitely had a good time! We’re definitely going to have to go back frequently.

Extra credit:

Andy’s been taking a lot of pictures lately. Go look at them!

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