The boys are back in town

Andy and Tinker have been here a little more than two weeks now. We’re mostly settled into our apartment, minus a few random boxes (and hanging pictures on the walls, and figuring out what to do with Andy’s four boxes of records). I love having Andy and Tinker here. It’s nice coming home to them everyday, and waking up with them every morning.

So, our moving day was pretty terrible. Andy and Tinker got here the Friday of that weekend (Memorial day weekend). Tinker behaved on the plane, but barked a lot at both airports.  I’m not shocked… Anyway, I had been really worried about the POD on moving day. We had to have 30 feet of parking cleared for it to be delivered, and that’s not an easy task here. Luckily, I woke up Saturday morning, took Tinker downstairs, and there was just enough space when the POD was delivered at 8:45. We had scheduled for movers to come at 9. We called at 10, and the guy didn’t even seem to know about me. I called at 11, and he said they were 40 minutes away. I called at 12, and they were an hour away (allegedly).

Around 1:45, we were getting nervous, since the pod was going to be picked up at 3. We saw a delivery guy down the street, and asked if his team could carry up the couch for $50. While they were bringing it up, our actual movers showed up and told me that it would cost $265.

I had been quoted a rate of $50/hour for a minimum of two hours (which would have been plenty, especially since Andy and I had started bringing stuff up when we weren’t sure if the movers were even coming). I showed them the quote I had been given, and they said it was wrong, and the rate was $60/hr, and that I’d be charged for the distance they had to travel to get to my apartment (mind you, they weren’t loading a truck or anything, just bringing things upstairs). I talked to their manager on the phone, and he backed them up. He said I could pay with a check since I hadn’t gotten enough cash out. When I got off the phone with him, the mover said he wouldn’t accept a personal check. The whole thing was SOOOO shady and awful. He said if we paid in cash (which was really our only option..), he could knock the price down to $220. At this point, we just wanted it done. I went to the ATM while Andy (who had come back downstairs after discovering the couch wouldn’t fit in our front door) supervised. The movers totally sucked and complained the whole time. One of them was wearing sandals.

By the time I got back from the ATM, they were almost done (so, 45 minutes. Definitely not $220 worth of moving/complaining that we don’t have an elevator). After they left, Andy and I tried to bring the couch inside, but it wouldn’t fit in the doorway. We had a cool shelf/cupboard in our entryway, but Andy ended up having to buy a saw and cut it down the next morning so we could get the couch inside.

So that was all Saturday/Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon we went to home depot and best buy and came back with a drill and an air conditioner. We weren’t able to get the air conditioner installed until the Wednesday, so it was really unpleasant for a while.

The next weekend, we went to ikea and bought a bookcase, a DVD case, a desk, and a TV stand. With delivery, it was about $350, so it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. That night, I went to see SATC2 with a friend, and when I came back, Andy had put together the desk (everything was delivered around 10 pm). On Sunday, I went to get a pedicure and grocery shopping, and when I got back, Andy had assembled the rest of our furniture. I’m calling him Handy Andy now.

Our apartment’s not quite done yet, but it’s feeling like home. I like it.

In case anyone was wondering how Tinker’s doing- he seems to like it. Astoria Park is really nice, and there are tons of other dogs there all the time. Everyone thinks Tink’s a puppy because of his haircut, but they’re shocked to find out he’s nine. I’m not. He’s walking a lot slower than he did even last year. He doesn’t run in front of me during walks anymore- he’s slowly walking behind me. He can do the stairs (to our lovely 4th floor walkup), but he gets tired pretty fast. But Andy and I do too. Sometimes I carry Tinker up the stairs because it’s easier for both of us.

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