There are no cats in America, and the streets are paved with cheese

Sorry I’ve neglected the blog for a while.  I promise not to become one of those people who apologizes for not writing and then never writes again. Really.

Where to begin?

Two weeks ago (So, the Monday before Memorial day), the company I’m working at moved into the Bloomberg building (it’s right across the street from Bloomingdales, so bye-bye Rockefeller Center!). It’s really cool. There aren’t cubicles or offices. There are, however, gigantic fish aquariums everywhere. Instead, it’s an open area with lots of desks, and everyone has at least 2 computer monitors. One of them is a Bloomberg terminal (a computer that runs on a DOS-like program, but has hundreds of crazy newsfeeds, and you have to give a “biometric identification” -fingerprint- to sign in). For the marketing department, the second screen is a gigantic Mac. Happy.

Then there’s the “pantries.” There are 3 snack stations, which is a modest way of saying mini cafeterias filled with free food. For breakfast, it’s coffee, tea, juice, fresh fruit, cereal, oatmeal, and all the pre-packaged 100 calorie packs, cookies and chips anyone could want. It’s pretty much the same for lunch, but add fresh veggies, soda, and ramen-like soup. And it’s all free and unlimited for people working in the building.And they have ice cream Fridays in the summer.

So, that’s where I work now. I like it.

The Tuesday night of that week, I started my NYU class. I absolutely love it. My professor is awesome and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. I’m trying really hard to not pull my typical classroom behavior (let’s just say it greatly resembles Hermione Granger…), and not doing so well at it. Our first assignment was to read a 350 page manuscript and write a reader’s report saying what we thought of the book and how we’d sell it. We didn’t have the title or the author, and some of the names had changed in it, but at the second class, he gave us each a final published copy of This is Where I Leave You, which was the manuscript we had read. It’s really interesting/funny (although there are several very raunchy/gross parts in it).

Andy and Tinker got here Friday of that week, but that’ll be another post. I don’t have internet yet, and I’m leeching off the neighbors right now. I’ll write about my boys getting here and our lovely moving experience this weekend. Today we’re going to attempt a pilgrimage to Ikea.

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