You know it’s hard out here for a temp…

The easiest way I’ve found to get work is through temp agencies. There are several that focus on marketing, writing, design, and other “creative” jobs, and those are the ones I work with. That’s how I found my last job in Indiana.

At my current position, I’m temping as a marketing copywriter at a business magazine. I like it so far. They’re moving offices today, so I have the day off. I’m working part-time: 10-5:30 or so. The pay is awesome, and I’m making more money working this job part-time than I was working full-time in Indiana. And I get paid weekly. The downside is, I don’t get any benefits until I’ve worked 500 hours. I still need to look into getting health insurance. It’s not a huge priority for me right now, but it will be soon.  I haven’t gotten my COBRA information yet, but it would cost over $400, so I’m not that interested. (So, anyone reading this who is against universal healthcare, think about it. Your opinions are contributing to people like me not having access to affordable healthcare.)

Last week I found out that I didn’t get the insurance job. I’m not sure why, but I”m okay with it. However, they did publish a slightly edited version of my article on two websites (with my first actual byline!), and I’m getting a nice paycheck for it. Not too shabby for a job rejection! I want to find more ways to occasionally write freelance articles, because that would be a great way to pay for my NYU classes.

Speaking of which, my intro to book publishing class starts tomorrow! I’m really excited! I miss school, and what could be better than taking a class about books?!

This week’s going to be pretty eventful. Class tomorrow, Andy and Tinker get here on Friday (YAY!!!!!!!!!), and we’re moving in to our apartment on Saturday. All good things.

Over the weekend I got my hair cut. I went to an actual salon (instead of a mall chain salon). The owner ended up cutting my hair, so I was charged the “Creative Designer Stylist” price (which was a lot more than I wanted to pay). But it looks good. It’s edgier and has short layers/longish bangs. It’s been a really long time since I’ve had a good haircut. I like it. I think next time I might go to a different stylist at the same salon.

Last night was the LOST series finale.We had a cookout with friends, and it was really nice. Erin and I made a Dharma cake, and Kris cooked burgers for everyone (so, cookouts are definitely a possibility here! whew!). The show was good. I felt like it tied up enough of the loose ends, and I felt enough closure to be satisfied with it ending. I still have questions, but that’s okay. In all honesty, I’m kind of relieved that I can cut back on TV now.

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