Food for thought

So, food here is totally different. Sort of. The act of obtaining it requires an entirely different thought process. In New York, fast food restaurants are required to post the number of calories in each food item on the menu. I’ve never been one to count calories, but it’s definitely making me think. A few weeks ago we went to Taco Bell, and when I found out how many calories were in my normal order (nachos bell grande and a bean burrito), I switched to a chicken soft taco and nachos supreme.  It’s definitely eye-opening.

Then there’s the cost. I’ve found a lot of places actually have cheaper AND better food. Since there are so many restaurants here, everyone has to be good to survive. I had an AMAZING gyro from a street vendor and a can of diet pepsi, and it was $5 total. At the diner down the street, I can get a yummy, filling breakfast for $4. But then yesterday, I went to Subway for lunch. The 6-inch sandwiches were $5.49 (which made the $5 footlongs seems like a great deal, minus the carrying around a sandwich all afternoon), and chips and a drink would have made the meal cost more than $9.  The exact meal in Indianapolis would have been $6. I decided not to get it, and instead got a yummy (but tiny) cheddar tuna melt croissant thing from dunkin donuts (for $2.99!). 630 calories.

Yes, I know these are a lot of chains. I live in New York; I shouldn’t be eating at chains. I haven’t had a chance to explore too many local places yet. And my work right now is right in between Rockefeller Center and Times Square, which are full of chains with jacked up prices. I’ve been to a few yummy local pizza places, but again, these are expensive for lunch. We’re moving offices next week to a less touristy area, so hopefully I’ll find something good.

When I lived in Indiana, I brought my lunch to work Monday-Thursday, and let myself go out to lunch on Fridays only (most of the time). But even those had to be less than $10. I know I may not be able to stick to that exactly, but I’m going to try.

But back to the delicious food available. Magnolia bakery is across the street from where I work, and I picked up some cupcakes (for me, Erin, and Kris) on my way home. I obviously can’t make this a regular habit, but it was amazing. They didn’t have the calories posted, and that’s probably for the best. In honor of SATC 2, they had a special one called the “Carrie,” and it has pink frosting with a little sugar daisy on it.

There are a lot of really great places to eat in Astoria. My first weekend here, we went to this place called Bare Burger, which has entirely organic burgers made of obscure (bison, deer, elk, ostrich) and normal meats.  They were small, but probably the best I’ve ever had. I had a turkey burger.

There are also a ton of fruit carts with fresh fruit. I need to take advantage of those more, and I’m sure I will this summer. I think street vendors might be the way to go in general when I’m out and about, but I’ve heard mixed opinions about it. My new co-workers advised me to try the food in small doses and let my immune system build up. One person said to only go to the kosher stands because “God-fearing people aren’t going to serve bad food.” (The vendor I got the gyro from was kosher, so this guy may be onto something).

In TOTALLY unrelated news, I’m looking into yoga classes. 🙂

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