You can have all you’ve ever wanted…

I can’t believe tomorrow marks three weeks here.  It’s flying.

On Thursday I went shopping in the Rockefeller Center area. I didn’t really go to any stores that I wouldn’t have shopped at in Indiana (anthropologie, banana republic, h&m), except for the NBC Experience store. Since I was specifically on a mission for work clothes, I didn’t buy anything there. I don’t think a shirt that says “That’s what she said” or “I want to go to there” exactly screams work attire. But I saw a ton of things I wanted. I’m such a tool sometimes.

I ended up heading downtown to Century 21 (as featured on the “To Market, to Market” episode of Sex and the City). It was overwhelming and didn’t really have any clothes I liked, but I got some accessories. I will go back for shoes sometime. They had a lot, but I was on a mission for black flats that would be comfortable to walk in around town.

Next I went up to 34th Street and went to a lot of the same stores I had been at earlier, but by this point I had been shopping for almost six hours and was getting tired. I found a cute dress at H&M and a cute top at Banana Republic. I ended up getting black flats at Payless (which I hadn’t wanted to do, but they were cute, cheap, and comfortable).

I like shopping in New York. I thought I’d miss malls, but not so much. It’s nice walking around outside. And the stores are much bigger. I’m still trying to figure out how to dress here.

On Friday I started my job. It’s definitely a step up in terms of skill level. I like the hours- I’ll be working 10 to 5 (and still making more money than I was before). My first project was to write an advertorial. It’s challenging to learn to write in a new company’s voice, but I think it went alright. I’m glad that I’m working again. It was nice to have a few weeks off, but one can only spend so much time on Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist.

On Saturday I FINALLY ventured out to the Union Square/NYU area. I’ve only been wanting to do that since I was 16… It was really crowded, but a totally cool area.  I went to an awesome bookstore called Strand, and it’s basically like a gigantic half price books…. with 18 MILES of books! I bought two. Afterward, I went back to Astoria and got a $12 pedicure.

Today I spent the afternoon at Astoria park reading one of the books I bought- An Education. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I think the movie is only based off of one chapter in the book. It’s interesting. It was gorgeous outside today, and really nice to spend the day reading. I’m definitely planning on spending a lot of time at this park. I’m so excited to live across the street from it.

In other exciting news, I signed up for my first class for my publishing certificate! It’s called “From Writer to Reader: An Introduction to Book Publishing.” I”m really looking forward to it! It starts in two weeks.

I’ve been trying to coordinate moving into our apartment, and it looks like the storage pod is going to be a big headache. I have to go to the police department to get a permit to park it on the street (since there aren’t any parking spots or driveways near my building), and I think it might cost $50. I also have to pay a $75 fee to PODS to have them pick it up the same day. I also need to hire some help. Andy and I can’t move everything by ourselves (especially the furniture). The challenge is the time window I have for the pod delivery, and the fact that it’s on Memorial Day weekend.

I can’t wait until we’re all settled in. I love being here, but I still feel like I’m in limbo as a couch dweller.

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