I made it here! (well, in terms of transportation..)

The past few days have been a whirlwind. Today has been kind of surreal.  I’m here. All of the elements of packing up/moving went surprisingly smoothly. Tinker’s in Muncie, my car’s in southern Indiana, the Pod’s on its way here, and Andy’s back in Memphis. We stayed in a hotel last night because we were exhausted from moving and didn’t want to sleep on the floor. The pod is only filled up halfway- I probably could have gotten the smaller one, but it’s the exact length as my couch, so I didn’t want to push it. It only took two hours to fill up since we had a lot of help (Thanks Dad, Eric and Danny!).

Kris and Erin are awesome :). It’s a little weird knowing I’m going to be a houseguest for this long, but they’re very hospitable and cool. I’m glad their apartment is nice and the futon’s comfy.

Tomorrow I have my in-person interview at the magazine at 11 and I’m looking at an apartment at 5:45! I hope I don’t get lost. I’m excited.

… This is real now. I’m still processing that.

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