Things I will miss about Indiana

When my family left Texas for southern Indiana in 2001, I REALLY hated it. It was a huge culture shock from what life was like in Texas- Coke was pop, there were only two non-white students at my school, and smoking was allowed on the high school campus at football games. That was a difficult time for me anyway- I had a lot of medical problems, I didn’t fit in at my new school, and then September 11th happened, which I’m pretty sure resulted in a difficult time for just about everyone. I never really adjusted to living in southern Indiana, and ended up going back to Texas for my senior year of high school.

I didn’t really feel at home in Indiana until I got to Muncie for college. Now I’m just shy of 7 years of actually not hating living here. I just want to have that on record- I don’t hate living here. My reasons for leaving really don’t have very much to do with Indianapolis at all actually. I’m just ready to move on and be in a city that I’ve always wanted to live in.

One of my favorite websites is This site just lists the little things in life that make people smile and are generally- awesome.

With that, I give you-

Indiana’s Awesome Things:

  1. My friends. Somehow, I have managed to have a somewhat consistent network of friends for the past seven years.  Sure, people have come and gone from my social circle, but there are a few who have stuck around since my freshman year of college. Some of them have even been roommates after college when roommate situations weren’t even really necessary, just a social and financial perk. Then there are the friends who came around in the past 2-3 years. Whether I met them through college, Andy or jobs in Indy, I’ve found a lot of really great people. I’ll miss you all! My couch in NY will be open for visits (as soon as I have an apartment to put it in…)
  2. My family. The only thing in southern Indiana I will miss.
  3. Corn. Because this is Indiana. To be more specific, I will miss driving just about anywhere in the summer and seeing lots of stands that have 8 ears of corn for $2, and then buying them and cooking them on a grill. Oh! And cookouts! But those aren’t really Indiana specific.
  4. Domo (Muncie). The BEST Japanese restaurant around. I don’t care if it’s expensive or gives me an upset stomach half the time, I will gladly go there and devour every single piece of food in front of me. Every single part of the meal is exquisite. Because a certain group of my friends goes there so often, it’s kind of like our Cheers. They know us.
  5. My co-workers/company/company cafeteria. Something I didn’t expect to happen was realizing after I quit how much I really love my job. I work with a very fun, talented, and interesting group of people. We’ve all become quite close over the last few years/months, and it’ll be hard not seeing them every day. The cafeteria is catered by Sahm’s, and is delicious.
  6. Ball State. Beautiful campus that housed the best four years of my life (sorry for the cliché- it’s late). Great people. Great classes. Great memories.
  7. Being centrally located within hours of cooler cities. Yeah, Indy’s not that bad. But if on the rare chance it gets boring and you want to get away from it for a weekend, you’re mere hours away from Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, and St. Louis. I’ve taken weekend trips to all of these cities except for Detroit, and it’s awesome.
  8. Broad Ripple. Yeah, I’m generally not cool enough for this neighborhood. But I love going up there on a Saturday and taking Tinker to Three Dog Bakery and then for a walk in the park. All the restaurants I’ve eaten at there are delicious (Yats! Brugge! Bazbeaux!), and I’ve had some very memorable nights at the Vogue.
  9. UWCI. I’ve worked there, volunteered, and donated. Some might even say I “LIVE UNITED.” This is a great organization that’s making a huge impact in town. And the people who work there are awesome.
  10. The dog events. There are so many. From dog day afternoon to “howloween” parties to the last day at the pool, Easter Begg Hunt and Mutt Strut, Indianapolis is a great town for dog lovers. And the planners of these events get a gold star for silly names.

There are more things I will miss, and I may even write a part 2 for this post soon as I have time. So, I’ll leave with this: I’ve been in this state nearly a decade and I still don’t know what a Hoosier is. I would really like an explanation.

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2 Responses to Things I will miss about Indiana

  1. Laura says:

    well some of your family is in vegas….so i guess the girls of the family chose cool cities…and i dont think anyone really knows what a hoosier really is so lets just call you one or i guess your a ex-hoosier hope its great there! watch out for smoking cars

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