Excess Baggage

Aside from being one of the worst movies ever made, excess baggage is making the moving process a little more difficult.  I’ve packed most of the things that are coming with me to NYC next week, and I’ve nearly filled up a huge duffel bag in addition to a rolling suitcase and my tote (minus the clothes I’ll be wearing this week, my shoes, and my bathroom items).  I’m allowed to take one “personal item” (the tote bag, which is already kind of full and will also have my computer. And my purse contents. And my purse.),  one “carry on item” (rolling suitcase portfolio for job interviews, then hanging bags with suits and dresses for job interviews, and my New York books). Then there’s the “checked” item. The duffel bag is full of clothes, and will hopefully be less than 50 lbs. As it is, the fee for checking an item that is under 50 lbs is $23, and it’s more if it goes over. I don’t have a scale to measure it. At least I’ll have Andy with me at the airport so I can have some help carrying all this.

I’m going to try to pare these down (again), but it’s not looking very promising. I’ve never had to pack for a month that could possibly include job interviews, work, or just regular clothes. Normally, I pack really lightly for trips.

Aside from packing drama, I’m relatively calm about everything. I have four days left of work, and my projects are more or less done (well, as much as they’re going to be). I calculated my cash flow, and even if I don’t touch my savings account, I can sustain myself financially through May. I can go through mid-June if I find a buyer for my car and don’t have to make a June car/insurance payment. If I dip into my savings, I could go another few months (well, if I don’t have rent). I’m trying to keep my savings as a reserve for getting into an apartment, but it’s there if I need it.

I still haven’t heard back about the job, but I’m trying not to stress about it. This week, I’m just going to focus on finishing things here. I’ve been looking at jobs online, but I’m going to wait until next week before I apply for anything else. I’ve e-mailed a few contacts I have in NYC to put some feelers out. I think my schedule once I get there is going to be a busy mix of job and apartment hunting. It’s kind of scary to think that in a week I’ll be homeless and unemployed, both by choice…

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1 Response to Excess Baggage

  1. Aunt Dede says:

    You must have the wanderlust/adventure gene. I too, left behind everything at the ripe age of 23 to seek an unknown future in Europe/Asia. However, my suitcase was less than 20 pounds and my bank account significantly lighter than yours. When you are homeless and unemployed for a week or two, you will realize that half of the stuff you packed is unnecessary. Good luck!

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