::insert song lyric about rain here::

Well, in exactly one week, we’ll be loading up the storage pod.  I still need to finish packing my clothes, bathroom, and then a few other random items. I’m really glad I did the bulk of my packing a few weeks ago, because I was sick for a chunk of last week, and lack some motivation now.

Today was the Mutt Strut, an awesome walk around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for dogs. It benefits the Humane Society and is a lot of fun. Well, it’s a lot of fun when it’s not raining. This year it was raining a lot, so we just went and got our t-shirts, walked around for a few minutes, and then left. Kind of a let down.

Last night I went to a yummy sushi restaurant with Sarah, Heather, and Katie. I’m going to miss them a lot. As excited as I am for New York, I think I still haven’t processed that I’m leaving behind friends who have been in my life for 7 years.

I sort of feel like I’m about to graduate from college again. I keep going back and forth between feeling stressed, nervous, and completely excited for what’s ahead. There are a lot of things and people from my life in Indianapolis that I’m going to miss a TON (that’ll be a separate post later in the week). I kind of feel like showing how excited I am about New York is kind of like a punch in the face to them, even though I really don’t want it to be. I’m just ready to move on to the next phase in my life. I’m ready to be with Andy.

I almost keep forgetting that the outcome of all this is that I’ll get to live in the same APARTMENT as Andy, because it seems too unreal. We lived in the same city for the time leading up to when we started dating and the first 3 weeks or so, but then I got the job in Indy and have been here ever since (2 1/2 years). It wasn’t so bad when the drive was just under an hour, but we still only got to see each other on the weekends. And this whole one weekend every 6 weeks thing is definitely not ideal. I can’t wait until we can be together during the week. I don’t think we’ve seen each other on a Tuesday or Wednesday in almost two and a half years…

Sigh. I’m going to pick out clothes for the rest of the week and then pack the rest!

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