To the left, to the left…

My boss and I talked about trying to find my replacement before I leave, so that my last week will overlap with the new person’s first week. So basically, if this person is currently employed and wants to give two weeks’ notice at his or her current job, we need to make an offer by the end of this week. I’ve posted info about it on my facebook, twitter, and linkedin pages, and I’m getting interesting responses. I have a few friends who are interested who I know would be qualified for the job, but there are others who I either don’t know or don’t feel like I could recommend for it. I’ve never had to try to replace myself before. It’s a weird feeling.

The news is just starting to spread at work. My immediate department knows, but I don’t think many others do just yet. I’m not sure how I want to communicate it- I can send out a mass e-mail, tell people on an individual basis, or just not say anything at all.  I’m still deciding.

Yesterday I went “public” with everything, and the response has been overwhelmingly supportive. I’m really happy about that. I’m also completely exhausted, and it’s only Tuesday. It’s just sinking in that I now have three and a half weeks and several very long to-do lists (at work and at home). I have a feeling I’m going to need reminders to do things like eat and sleep.

I’m planning on spending a chunk of Saturday morning in Castleton selling various items (my guitar, some antique silverware I ended up with somehow, and some books/dvds I don’t want anymore). I also want to try to squeeze in a doctor’s appt, Tinker’s spring grooming, and a leg wax/pedicure (because the gorgeous weather we’ve been having makes me want to wear skirts, and I don’t have time to shave my legs anymore). So, I’m going to try to do all this AND start packing. Craziness.

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