Purpose- it’s that little flame that lights a fire under your ass.

I’m listening to Avenue Q, which I haven’t done in a while. I still love it, but I don’t relate to it as much as I did right out of college. The show’s mostly about being lost after graduation and trying to find yourself in New York.

I’m starting to run out of New York-related song lyrics for my subject line on these posts (I’m trying not to duplicate songs, even though I already have), so now I’m going to musicals that take place in NYC.  And I’ll try to make them more relevant to my posts.

So, purpose. I need my job to involve writing/editing. My favorite tasks at my job involve a red pen and a warm stack of paper fresh off the printer. I hate editing on-screen, and don’t do it as well as on paper (which some people might find strange given my age and generation. Not so strange if you see my eye prescription..)

Today I got the NYU Bulletin (class schedule) for summer classes. The regular continuing ed publishing classes are offered this summer, and I think I might take one. The first one in the book publishing sequence starts in June, so I’d have a few weeks to settle in and find a job. I’m looking forward to it! It costs $595, but that’s okay. It’ll be worth it.

I’m pleased to say that I’m more excited about the class than the Coach purse I’ve been obsessing over for the past three weeks. It doesn’t help that the whole line of purses is called “Kristin.” Or that the blue leather purse is sold out everywhere (well, that actually does help a little right now since I’m trying to save money). I have a bad habit of finding expensive purses/dresses/shoes and fixating on them until I get them, and unfortunately this might be one of those times. My desire to live in New York (and eat and not be homeless there) outweighs how much I want the purse, but doesn’t make it any easier. Anyway, the point is, I’m more excited about the publishing class. I miss being in school, and I think it’ll be a good way to learn about the industry and meet some people with similar interests.

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