To avoid complications, she never kept the same address

In case I didn’t already know, it’s becoming clear that I will be leaving soon. Based on my track record, my social life always seems to boom a little just before my life changes drastically, causing me to have to start from scratch.

I’ve been trying to go out with my friends more and have even made some new friends through Friends of St. Jude (a fundraising group I volunteer with) and a group called “Girls Pint Out,” which is dedicated to educating young women about craft beers. I probably should have tried to socialize more when I first moved to Indy, but what’s done is done. The point is, I’m making friends and making a point to enjoy my last few months here.

I’ve made some more official plans for New York! I have a storage pod coming to my apartment the first weekend of May. I’m going to put my furniture and boxes in it and send it to a storage facility in New York, and then when I’m ready to get an apartment, I can just have the storage pod delivered to my new place! It’s expensive, but only marginally more than a uhaul (and I don’t have to drive a truck to New York…)

I’m going to be staying at Kris and Erin’s in May while I look for a job and an apartment (since I’ve determined that I need to actually be in the city to make any progress toward living there…) Andy and Tinker will fly out in June, and we’ll all move into an apartment.

I still have a few question marks (selling my car, finding a subleaser or other financial solution for the rest of my lease in my Indy apartment, giving notice at my job), but I’m definitely making progress.

I listed the violin on eBay a week ago, and it didn’t sell. This can only lead me to believe that there might be another chapter in my musical life.

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