I’m the new Sinatra

So, there’s been an interesting turn of events.  On Tuesday night, I found a job posting to be an associate editor at an insurance trade magazine in New York. I applied, because I knew I was totally qualified for it and thought it would be a logical transition into my amazing publishing career.

Wednesday after work, I got an e-mail from a recruiter at the company telling me that the hiring manager was interested in moving forward in the process with me and wanted me to answer a few interview-esque questions. I spent my entire evening crafting the perfect answers, and thought that I nailed them. I finally sent them to her just after midnight. As tired as I was, I was positively giddy and and didn’t fall asleep until close to 4 a.m.

Thursday morning, I was reading over the responses I had sent, and discovered that in my overzealous late night editing, I had left out a few small words-a “the,” an “of” and a “for.” I didn’t think this would really reflect my editing skills in a very positive light, so I sent a brief e-mail explaining what had happened and included the corrected responses. I wasn’t sure how this would appear in their eyes, but I wanted to at least know that I had tried everything. Later that afternoon, she replied asking if I was planning on relocating to New York and what my timing was. I responded with what I thought would be a reasonable timeline- early April, or 5 weeks from now.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough.

She responded shortly after midnight (she’s in San Francisco, so it wasn’t as late for her) saying that unfortunately, they needed someone who could start much sooner. She then said to fo;low up with her at the end of March to see if any other “entry-level” positions were available. I was bummed about it for lots of reasons-this specific job would have been perfect for me. I have 3 years of experience, and don’t consider myself entry-level. I had already said on the app that I wouldn’t be available until April anyway. And of course, after all this disappointment, I didn’t fall asleep until around 2 am.

Then this morning, I decided that since I didn’t have anything to lose, I should respond to her email. I clarified that even if I were offered a job in March, I still wouldn’t be available for 5-6 weeks after that. I also pointed out that I’m not exactly entry-level, but I was curious about the salary range of these other associate editor positions. I don’t want to waste her or my time if they’re going to pay entry level salaries.

To my surprise, she actually responded this afternoon. She said that the salary for the job is….exactly what I make now! And that’s a salary I could feasibly live off of (with adjustments such as not having a car payment and putting slightly less in savings).

I had been emailing a relative who lives in NYC and is quite successful in the magazine industry, and she said that it’s really common for mags to expect new employees to start right away because there are so many applicants that CAN do that (especially at entry level), that everyone’s kind of replaceable. She told me that my best bet is going to be to just save up money, move out there, then focus on getting a job.

And that’s the plan. Andy and I are working on an actual timeline that’s slightly sooner than our original goal, but there’s a lot to coordinate with affected parties (roommate, employer, friends whose couch I might stay on, and a few other people…).

It’s definitely becoming real though!

Oh yeah- the reason I posted how late I was up doing this was to illustrate that I’ve had about 9 hours of sleep in the last three days.  I don’t think I should make that a habit…

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