Let your honesty shine, shine, shine

I went to Memphis to visit the boyf over the weekend. It was just what I needed. I’m feeling more and more optimistic about our moving plans and the general future of our relationship. Now the trick is just to make it through the next few months. I knew I missed him, but didn’t realize just how much until I got to Memphis. I can’t wait until we live in the same city, or even the same apartment!

I’ve been keeping extremely busy at work, and probably will for a while. I’ve also felt more motivated to work on my other writing project at home. I had an idea for a book a few years ago, and every few months I write a few more pages for it. It’s coming along, but I really want to actually write the whole thing. I worked on it for a while tonight. It’s just sometimes hard to motivate myself to write at home when I spend so much of my day at work writing. While I don’t want to get burnt out on writing, I do want to get a decent draft written before I move. I’ll try, anyway.

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