Snow was melting on the ground

Update on the New Year’s Resolutions:

Anyway, in keeping with January traditions, I have a few resolutions for twenty-ten:

1. Pay off Chase card
2. Pay off Couch/Coffee table

3. Put a comma in my savings account. Preferably with a happy number in front of the comma…
Getting close! A quarterly bonus + small tax refund have put me very close to comma country!

4. Move to New York at the beginning of June.
Time will tell…

5. Write on here more regularly. I even made a list of topic ideas. I still need to write about my new publishing program options.
Okay, there’s some room for improvement in that category…

Smaller things I’d like to do but don’t want to label as “resolutions”:

1. Yoga! (I’m taking a class on Thursday!)
I’ve been to 3 classes! If I want more, it’s  $65 for 5. I’m thinking about it.
2. Get contacts

3. Do a 5k (Roomie and I are doing Race for the Cure in April)
Still need to officially sign up…

NEW: 4. Learn all of the lyrics to “Empire State of Mind” (Jay-Z version. I’m almost there!)

I’ve been so busy lately, but in a good way. And by busy, I mean watching a lot of television. I feel like I need to drop a few shows- I have 8 “have to watch” shows a week,  (9 in April), and that’s not even counting the Seinfeld/Friends/Office reruns, the news, and the occasional ANTM marathon. I’m ready for winter to be over. I want other things to do.  I’ve been doing really well with saving my money and not going out shopping on the weekends (although I did allow myself to buy some things online at the Gap recently, but it’s all stuff I can wear to work or for fun, so it’s okay).

I’ve also been busy at work with a pretty extensive writing project (creating new marketing pieces that explain the two most interesting topics in the world- insurance and taxes). It’s a little overwhelming at times, but I’m pleased with my work.

In terms of progress toward New York, I told my boss’s boss about my plans a few weeks ago. It seemed to go alright. So far, I don’t think there’s any concern over possibly being ousted earlier than I plan.  My top priority right now is saving up money.

I’m going to Memphis to see Andy this weekend! On Saturday, it will be 6 weeks since we’ve seen each other in person. Like our own personal Lent. How awful. I’m really looking forward to my trip, even though I’m driving. I’ve been saving up This American Life and Savage Love podcasts, and I bought an Augusten Burroughs book (Sellevision- the one I haven’t read yet!) on CD at half price books, so I should have ample entertainment for the drive.

I’m REALLY looking forward to not driving anymore. We’ve had several significant snowstorms lately, and I’m SO over wiping snow off my car and driving in slush (even though the alternative next year will be walking several blocks through slush then getting on a crowded subway…). I’m ready for Spring and the possibilities ahead.

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