These streets will make you feel brand new; these lights will inspire you

First off, how is it that I JUST heard “Empire State of Mind” for the first time a week ago, and it’s only because someone put it on a mix for me? It’s pretty much my new favorite song.

I’ve been slacking on posting on here. But now it’s January (my least favorite month of the year), a time for setting goals and following through. A time for pretending to have interest in joining a gym and trying to find a way to deal with the chocolate withdrawals after a month of having easy access to an abundance of chocolate at work, home, and pretty much everywhere else. A time to go through your closet  and get rid of things because you have so many things on your wire shelf that it literally detaches from the wall.

Oh wait, that last one’s just me.

Anyway, in keeping with January traditions, I have a few resolutions for twenty-ten:

1. Pay off Chase card (Easy. Will happen on Friday!)
2. Pay off Couch/Coffee table (First Feb. paycheck. Now, moving them to New York will be another story…)
3. Put a comma in my savings account. Preferably with a happy number in front of the comma…
4. Move to New York at the beginning of June.
5. Write on here more regularly. I even made a list of topic ideas. I still need to write about my new publishing program options.

Smaller things I’d like to do but don’t want to label as “resolutions”:

1. Yoga! (I’m taking a class on Thursday!)
2. Get contacts
3. Do a 5k (Roomie and I are doing Race for the Cure in April)

Basically, I want to get to the point where walking around a city all day isn’t a physically painful experience. That would be nice.

In other news, A’s back in Memphis. He seems to like his job so far. And he definitely graduated, so that’s awesome! We’re adjusting to the distance enough, I guess. We’ve discovered Skype, and that’s made it infinitely better. I feel like I’ve hung out with him several times this week, even though I haven’t seen him since Saturday. I’m planning on going down there for a long weekend for Valentine’s day. I’d prefer to fly because an 8-hour winter drive (twice!) sounds less than appealing, but I’ll probably end up driving. I suppose I should enjoy a nice long drive while I still have the lovely opportunity.

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