It was the first snow of the season…

Tonight they lit the tree in Rockefeller Center. Next year I want to be able to watch it from my office (even if my “office” is the Banana Republic in Rockefeller Center…)

I’m kind of having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year. I haven’t done any decorating or shopping yet. I don’t really feel like it. I will soon, but there’s just too much else going on.

Andy’s graduating this semester, and it looks like he’ll be taking a job in Memphis for a few months, effective SOON. I’m having mixed feelings about it. I know it’s a good opportunity for him, he’ll earn more money than he would here, and he’ll be doing work he loves. But he’ll be an 8 hour drive away. An hour apart is bad enough. I guess it’s better for this to happen now before we move in together, but it’ll still be hard. If anything, it’ll at least give me more time to focus on my applications for publishing programs. I now have 3 different choices, which I’ll write about later.

In other news, I got my windshield replaced today and doubled my credit card debt in the process. At least it’s fixed now- it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, and I don’t want to make the windshield scraping experience any more unpleasant. At least this will be my last Indiana winter having to deal with a car…

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