Meet you at the statue in an hour

Our trip to New York was fantastic. I’ll tell about it in bullets for now while it’s still fresh on my mind.


  • Laguardia (flight was fast. City was breathtaking from the sky. Way bigger than I had imagined. Plane didn’t have a gate so we waited for a half hour, but that was the only issue. I’ve heard worse).
  • Cab ride
  • Astoria (LOVE it!!! Want to live there.)
  • First subway ride ever! I adore the subway. I don’t ever want to drive again.
  • Manhattan
  • Pizza (Luigi’s- near Carnegie Hall)
  • Central Park. Stunning. Gorgeous weather/ fall leaves.
  • FAO Schwartz/surrounding area. Loved FAO and its lack of branded toys.
  • 10 second walk through times square. That was enough.
  • Back to Astoria- didn’t get lost on the subway!
  • Seva- yummy Indian restaurant in Astoria. My water cup never went half empty. Or half full, however you want to say it. They refilled it every 2 sips.
  • Watched NBC shows at Kris and Erin’s apartment.
  • Went over to Mandy’s apartment, where we were staying. It was comparable in size/quality to what I have now. Comforting. Mandy and her roommate Geetha are awesome!


  • Lunch at The Soup Man (aka the soup Nazi’s chain restaurant) in Astoria. It was part of a Coldstone Creamery. The Lobster bisque was as good as the Seinfeld cast would have you believe.
  • Bought some sneakers at Payless on Steinway street (Astoria). I do not believe for one second that anyone can walk around the city in heels.
  • Back to Manhattan to give keys to Mandy at her office…the MTV building in Times Square.
  • Went to financial district/wall street area
  • World trade center/ construction site
  • Century 21 for gloves (I’ll have to go back when I need to shop for clothes at a time of day when it’s not likely to be so crowded. 5:30 pm on a Friday is not that time.)
  • Rockefeller Plaza. LOVED IT. It was gorgeous and clean and familiar (due to my lifelong worship of NBC…) Saw the ice skating rink, GE building, Today show studio, Rainbow room sign/SNL line, Radio City music hall, and the Banana Republic I will try to work at when I can’t get a real job.
  • Ate dinner at Joe’s Shanghai, a fancy/yummy Chinese restuarant. Andy finally had satisfying General Tso’s chicken.
  • Walked through times square at night looking for Charley O’s, where we were attending a show
  • Accidentally walked a block too far, but ran into actor Richard Kind on the street! Andy complimented him on his role in “A Serious Man.” Neat!
  • Went to the comedy show put on by some of Andy’s friends from college. It was really funny. They’re cool people!
  • Rode back to Astoria with Andy’s friends from the show, then hung out and drank at their apartment.
  • Took a car home. Car services >walking at 3 am.


  • Brunch with yet another group of Andy’s friends at Diwine in Astoria. At 1:30 p.m. Incredible eggs with spinach and salmon…and a mimosa- all for $13! (I opted out of the “unlimited Mimosas for $5” plan, but it should be noted that it was available.)
  • At this point, we were kind of about to die from all the walking. Both of us were experiencing shin splints and were just uncomfortable. So we got pedicures at a place in Astoria called Bamboo. $12 for a regular pedicure, and an extra $10 for a leg massage. Well worth it! They also have a special that includes a spa pedicure AND a manicure for $35. That’s how much it would cost for just the regular pedicure in Indy.
  • Dinner at Grand Cafe in Astoria with Kris. It should have looked like a normal cafe, but had club lighting and techno music. I had an awesome tuna melt on pita bread with cheddar cheese. I’m going to try to replicate this at home, because it was scrumptious.
  • Despite the pedi/massages, we were still pretty wiped. We went back to the apartment and I watched Mercy while Andy took a nap.
  • During Law and Order, Andy woke up and we decided to order ice cream from Coldstone. $8.36 (plus tip) and 45 minutes later, I was eating birthday cake remix and he had vanilla with butterfingers. Having the ability to get Coldstone delivered will be either the best or worst possible thing about living there. (Sidenote- the walking more than made up for it. My jeans were very loose by the end of the trip.)
  • Geetha and her friends came home while we were eating the ice cream, and we all went up to the roof of the building and saw the awesome view of Manhattan. It was my first time seeing the skyline at night, in person. It was amazing. And very cold.


  • Hot dogs from a street vendor on the steps of the Museum of Natural History. Yum!
  • Museum of Natural History. Very cool. Lots of taxidermied animals. Similar to the Field Museum in Chicago, but I still enjoyed it.
  • Walked around the upper west side. Pretty area!
  • Ate delicious cupcakes at Magnolia bakery. Some friends had told me it would be amazing, some said it was overrated. I say… they’re cupcakes. What’s not to love? I have a devil’s food cake mocha cupcake, and Andy had the classic vanilla with green frosting and sprinkles. We brought some back for Mandy and Geetha as a thank you for letting us stay with them.
  • Met up with Kevin and Jaimie (his friends who put on the comedy show) at the Ed Sullivan theatre, aka- The David Letterman show. Since they work there, we got a private tour of the stage! Way cool.
  • Went back to Queens, and then FINALLY met up with Claire (my bff from high school) in Jackson Heights, a neighborhood in the middle of queens. We ate a yummy dinner at an Indian Restaurant, and then went to an Irish pub and caught up for a few hours.
  • At this point, I was quite drunk. Andy and I went to the subway station to head back to the apartment, and after about 20 minutes of waiting discovered that the train we wanted to take wasn’t running. Luckily Andy wasn’t drunk and had an amazing knack for figuring out the subway system, and he got us home.


  • Walked over to Kris’s apartment since Mandy had to leave for work early
  • Hung out with him for a little bit, then went to the airport
  • When we finally got back to my apartment, hung out with Danny and Sarah for a little bit, then everyone left.
  • The first thing I did was take a shower because I felt kind of gross. I think I ingested a lot of dirt while I was in the city, and now I want to learn how to use a neti pot.


So, that’s basically the trip. There are stories about all of the things we did, and there are pictures on facebook. This was mostly so I’d have a record of it so I can go back to the places I liked.


Special thanks to the following people who made this trip affordable and especially awesome:

Andy (for everything, but especially being so great to travel with and wanting this as much as I do <3)
Sarah (thanks for driving us to the airport/watching my pets!)
Kris, Erin, Wawa and Beans (for showing use around and convincing us it’s possible to move out here successfully. And purring on my lap.)
Mandy Jo and Geetha (for letting us stay at their apartment)
Kevin, Jaimie, and everyone else from the show/their apartment (for fun times and the tour of the Letterman set)
Ryan (for suggesting Diwine for brunch)
Claire (for being just awesome in general. oh, and buying drinks at the pub!)
The denim mariachi band
Danny (for picking us up from the airport)




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